Award-winning poet Vijay Seshadri visits ESU

By Tina Hennessey

SC Staff Writer 

On Thursday, April 3, a poetry reading by Vijay Seshadri took place in Beers Lecture Hall.

The event was organized by East Stroudsburg University English Professor Jan Selving.

Seshadri is currently the Myers Professor of Writing at Sarah Lawrence College in New York.

He has worked for the New Yorker magazine where he was a part of the editorial staff.

In addition, Seshadri taught writing seminars at Bennington College in Vermont.

He has written three different books — “Wild Kingdom,” “The Long Meadow,” and “3 Sections.”  

“3 Sections” is his newest book and the one they read during the event.

Many students and faculty members were in attendance, both English and non-English majors who knew about the reading through an English course they are taking.

A freshman health and physical education major at ESU stated, “It was really great being able to listen to a well-respected author read his own work.  It also was interesting learning about Seshadri’s thoughts and influences behind his poems.  It allowed listeners and readers to appreciate his work at a different level.”

The first poem he read was “Imaginary Number,” which was inspired by the math term imaginary number.

Other poems ready by Seshadri included “Trailing Clouds of Glory,” “Memoir,” “This Morning,” “Surveillance Report,” and “Hell,” which is part of a sequence of three different poems.

Throughout the hour long event, Seshadri would share things about himself with students and faculty in attendance.

He also explained the meaning or influence behind each of the poems he read.

When he was finished reading, students were encouraged to ask Seshadri questions.

Following the poetry reading event, all were invited to go to the Honors House for refreshments and a chance to speak one on one with Vijay Seshadri himself.

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