Student Senate Elections 2014: Vice Presidential Candidates

Candidate profiles by Valentina Caval, Editor in Chief


Efia King

Senior, Communication Studies & Sociology

Efia King wanted to be where things got done.

Three years ago, when she made the decision to join Student Senate, she did it because she wanted to be an advocate for the student body.

The ESU Senior also admits she wanted to be involved and get the inside scoop.

“It’s a great thing to be a part of,” she said.

King was a senator for a majority of the time on Student Senate, and this year she was appointed Chair of Student Affairs: a committee that handles student life outside of the classroom.

When she was appointed the position, King sat down and set three goals for herself: address sexual assault on college campuses, make changes to parking regulations, and implement an emergency protocol that would tell students and faculty what to do in the case of an emergency. Within this year, Student Senate met two of her three goals, and the third is underway.

King helped address sexual assault by taking part in organizing the first women’s history march, Warriors Against Sexual Violence, last month.

She worked as a liaison and was informed on the passing of new parking regulations.

Currently, she is working on her third and final goal: providing students and faculty with an emergency protocol.

King is a senior graduating in December of 2014 and, if elected, she has faith that the Senate will be able to transition.

She said she will spend her time being a support system for the president and working with committees to plan events for a successful semester.

“It is the cherry on top of my college career— why not go out with a bang?” she said.


Mackenzie Tasetano

Junior, Political Science 

Junior Mackenzie Tasetano is currently a senator on ESU’s Student Senate.

He is a member of the Extracurricular Affairs Committee: a committee made up of eight student senators  that is responsbile for overseeing Senate approved organizations on campus.

The Committee ensures that all organizations adhere to Senate policies and plays a key role in creating new organizations on campus.

As a member of the Extracurricular Affairs Commmittee, Tasetano worked under Committee Chair Dan Hagan to help with the process of creating new campus organizations.

This year the commitee approved several new organizations, including Tau Sigma — a national honor society for transfer students — Phsyical Theraphy and the investment club.

Tasetano’s involvement on campus does not stop with Student Senate.

The candidate is a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa, and a member of the Interfraternity Council.

He is also a member of College Republicans. On top of that Tasetano works at Mount Airy Casino Resort in Mt. Pocono, PA, and he is a member of the United States Marine Corps.

He enrolled in the Marine Corps in October of 2011, according to his Facebook profile. It appears the Marine Corps is instrumental in his pilosophies.

Tasetano majors in political science with a concentration in pre-law.

He plans on stepping up in Student Senate by running for the Vice President position.

Although Tasetano could not be reached for comment, he confirmed his candidacy earlier this week.


Melissa Ciment 

Junior, Speech Language Pathology

“I want students to feel the passion that I feel — Senate is my life,” Melissa Ciment said.

Currently, she is the Special Events Chair: a position responsible for planning events, running a six-member committee and fundraising.

Ciment and the committee played a role in organizing several events for Senate this year: Weiner Day, Teddy Bear Drive, Community on the Quad and the Student Senate Banquet.

She thinks the best part of planning the events is involving her committee.

“Being a good leader is about using the help that you have and involving the senators,” she said.

Ciment had to take a few steps before making the leap from a senator to the Student Senate Executive Board.

When she first stepped onto the ESU campus at orientation, running for Senate was not something she was interested in.

Her mind changed and she ended up not only running but also winning the election and became a senator in her first year at ESU.

“When you are a part of Senate, you take what you hear from the students and you put it to use; I actually have the voice to do that,” she said.

From the girl who wanted nothing to do with Student Senate, she became the girl who wanted to do everything for the governing body of the students.

“I’m like the mother hen of Senate — they come to me with everything they need,” she said.

The candidate said she spends a lot of time talking to students.

“I go home and I think about Senate — it’s my last chance to make a difference, “ she said.


Student Senate Elections will be held April 21-23. Students will receive an email to cast their votes starting on Monday, April 21.

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