ESU’s Feminist Alliance “Takes Back the Night”

By Verones Padilla

SC Staff Writer

ESU’s Feminist Alliance, in conjunction with The Women’s Resources of Monroe County, held their annual “Take Back the Night,” and marched against sexual violence and sexual assault on Friday April 11.

The group was joined with about 30 other participants at Courthouse Square on Main Street.  The progression followed Main Street and ended in front of Stroud Hall where there were speakers, entertainment and refreshments.

According to the Women’s Resources of Monroe Country, “one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually assaulted before their 18th birthday.” In most cases, victims remain silent and do not press charges or come forward.

“Take Back the Night,” is an international event designed to end sexual violence and give a voice to victims that dates back to the early 1970s.

Hundreds of events are organized all over the country and include rallies, vigils and marches like the one organized at ESU.

“’Take Back the Night’ is a way for women and men to empower themselves. It shows victims that we support them and that they are not alone. It is also way to let perpetrators know that we aren’t going to take this anymore,” said Nikole Threats.

The march concluded with live music from ESU’s own Regina Sayles and several speakers. The theme of the night was women empowerment and solidarity.

A shell was passed around where people could share their own stories of support and survival.

The women were urged to use the resources available to them either through the resource center or at the university.  Among those who spoke were Molly Carson, Jane Koelble and Aalih Hussein.

The Feminist Alliance meets on Tuesdays at 2pm at 411 Normal Street. Meetings are open to all members of ESU and the surrounding community.

The Women’s Resources of Monroe County provides a crisis shelter for victims of domestic and sexual violence. They also have counseling services, community education programs that focus on prevention and outreach, as well as legal and medical advocacy.

All services are free and confidential.  The 24 hour crisis hotline is 570-421-4200, for all other inquires call 570-424-2093.

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