Get your glow on

By Amy Lukac

SC Contributing Writer

On April 9, East Stroudsburg University held a free event from 8 PM until midnight that consisted of games, music, and cotton candy.

Through the doors of the Keystone Room, dance music blasted from DJ Uchi on the stage, nine neon-colored mini golf stations, as well as a glowing foosball and air hockey table.

There were students and visitors in bright clothing that attracted the black lights. Entertainment included playing games, dancing, and eating cotton candy on LED sticks.

“I’m having a lot of fun playing all of these glowing, fun games,” said  Maggie Pernini, a 13-year-old from the local community. “My cousin is a student here and it is my birthday today so we came here to celebrate.” In the front of the building, Tyler Hernandez wore glowing, light-up accessories trying to get people walking by to come in and have some fun for free.

Tyler is the student who coordinated this event with his committee.

“We did something like this a while ago and the turn out was great, so we decided to do it again with different events,” said Hernandez. “I decided to coordinate ‘Get Your Glow On’ and the members in my committee chose the events. I also decided on the LED cotton candy sticks. They look really cool!”

By 9:21 PM, 140 people already passed through the Keystone Room doors, and some of them created a limbo station in the center of the dance floor.

Three girls danced around giving out beaded necklaces to everyone while music blasted.

The DJ put on the song, “The Cha Cha Slide” by DJ Casper and almost everyone dropped what he or she was doing to join in on the popular dance.

After that, “Teach Me How To Dougie,” by Cali Swag, blared from the speakers, and the glowing students and their friends participated in the “Dougie” dance while laughing and playing games.

Get Your Glow On continued to attract students and visitors until midnight, and there were nothing but good reviews on the event.

“I don’t go to ESU, my friend does, but she told me about this event and I’m glad we came,” saidsaid Kevin Ayerdis, a visiting 22-year-old from Phillipsburg, New Jersey. “It was a great idea because it gave everyone something to do whether they live on campus or not. I hope they do something like this again.”

Judging by the looks on everyone’s faces when they walked into the Keystone Room, as well as the dancing and constantly playing games, it seemed as though Get Your Glow On was a fun, wonderful idea for the ESU and the public.

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