Regan’s Remedies: April 17, 2014

By Regan Hoerl

SC Staff Writer

In lieu of recent events, I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s column to staying safe on campus.

Every so often, I find haunting emails sent from campus security about rapes, assaults, and theft happening on campus.

There are many ways to stay safe and avoid trouble while attending ESU.

How I Met Your Mother’s” Ted Mosby once said, “Nothing good happens after 2 AM.” This holds true in many ways.

First, all the bars are closed.

Nothing good happens after a ton of drunken college kids are roaming the streets and campus grounds trying to get back to their beds.

If they aren’t sober, stay away from groups of people wandering about campus after the bars close—both men and women.

The chances of being approached by someone intoxicated is much more likely if you’re out and about in the early hours of the morning.

This leads me to something just as important.

Stay in a group when you’re out and have been drinking alcohol.

Do not meander away and take the shortcut home because it’s quicker.

You should try and stay by the most populated areas on campus.

If you feel that someone is watching or following you, you should go to the most populated place and call campus security immediately.

Always have your phone and some sharp object to protect yourself on your person.

Ladies, wear your hair down if you’re walking home alone.

Your hair is easier to grab and hold on to when it’s pulled back.

Guard your drink at parties.

The easiest way to get a girl (or guy) to do whatever someone wants is to drug him or her and take advantage.

Keep your hand over your drink at all times.

If you set your drink down, even for a second, grab a new cup.

The ESU campus security website offers more information about staying safe on campus, so you should make sure to check that out.

Also, add their phone number into your cell phone for easy access.

Stay safe, ESU.

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