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images-1By Verones Padilla

SC Staff Writer

Provost Van Reidhead announced late Tuesday night that he has “waived the FIT requirement for individual students who graduate in Summer 2014 and forward.”

The decision came after the Department of Movement and Lifetime Fitness was permanently closed as part of deficit reduction efforts last fall.

“I think it is just a matter of pragmatism. With the department being dissolved, there will be no one to teach the classes. Moreover, I think it is important to recognize the bigger picture—what general education requirements are most relevant to today’s student?” Student Senate President Justin Amann said.

Advisors, chairs, and deans have been advised to approve students to graduate without the two-credit requirement, as the university will no longer be providing these classes.

“It’s a little disappointing.  I was looking forward to taking Yoga and Tai Chi.  I feel like those classes were a nice break from the academic work we are required to complete,” said Caitlin Hoffman who will be entering her Senior year in the fall.

Some of the classes provided by Movement and Lifetime Fitness that have been offered taught students how to golf, and how to play volleyball or badminton.

Students were able to learn different forms of dance, self-defense, and even horseback riding.

The classes were designed for students to interact with one another and build relationships through teamwork.

The classes were intended to relieve the stress and pressures of college life with fun and interactive programs.

Last semester, Kenneth Long, Vice President of Administration and Finance, at the university projected there would be a $6.9 million budget deficit for the next academic year.

The effects of ESU’s budget deficit continue to impact the university.

Faculty members from the Movement and Lifetime Fitness Department have been transfered to other departments that they are qualified for

Decisions needed to be made to find a way to both cut expenses and maintain the integrity of the university’s curriculum.

Cuts were made in departments across the whole university, including major loses for the Modern Language Department, that lost both the French and German minors.

The spring semester saw further restructuring and the creation of the university’s strategic plan.

The plan was implemented to serve as a guide for the new challenges that the university faces, and create opportunities to serve the student body efficiently.

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