9 tips to prepare for finals

By Ayana Jones
SC Staff Writer

As finals week approaches, now is the perfect time to start preparing.

Take advantage of these two weeks and get yourself ready for the big tests.

Because a final exam has the potential to make or break your grade, it is important that you put adequate time into studying for them.

In preparing for finals week and the close of the semester, you may find this list to be of use.

Plan Your Schedule

The most important thing you will want to do in preparation for finals week is plan your schedule.

Find out the days and times of each final and schedule your studying accordingly.

If you see you have a final at 8 AM, it is going to be important that you do not stay up too late the night before.

Start studying now to ease the stress and pressure when the big day comes.

Get Proper Rest

Not getting proper rest seems to be a universal college student issue. Nevertheless, if you study ahead of time, you can save yourself the headache of having to pull all-nighters.

While all-nighters may work for some students, it may not for others. Try to get a good amount of sleep the night before your final preferably seven hours minimum. Your mind will be sharper, and you will be able to perform better on your exam.

Eat Well

Do not neglect your nutritional needs as finals week approaches.

Many times students have a tendency to get so absorbed in their daily schedule, and they do not make time to eat.

Have at least one meal a day that is not rushed. If possible, try to eat breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day.

Attend Review Sessions

With the semester coming to a close, professors are aware of the burden this may place on students.

If your professor is generous enough to have a review session, then take advantage of the opportunity. Do not let it pass you by.

Attending a review session may be the difference between receiving an A or a B on the final exam.

Find out about extra credit

While some professors offer review sessions, others additionally may offer extra credit opportunities towards the end of the semester. Be sure to take advantage of these chances to improve. Extra credit is always a great and easy way to boost your grade.

Get a study partner

Sometimes you need an extra boost in order to get your studying done. Try studying with someone.

If you can, get someone who is in your class and study with them. This way you can help one another if needed.

Do Not Stress

Many students have difficulty as finals week approaches because they become overwhelmed. Keep yourself calm as finals week approaches.

If you prepare yourself for your exams then you should have nothing to worry about. Do not let finals get the best of you and cause you unnecessary stress.

Proportion Study Time

When studying for finals, it is not only important to plan a schedule, it is also important to proportion study time.

Find out what material will be covered on the final and study accordingly.

If you see that you know some information better than other material, focus on what you do not know. You may avoid over studying or understudying causing yourself a big headache.

Try Practice Test

Some classes offer the chance to take online practice tests.

If you find that you can take a practice test before your final, take advantage of the opportunity.

The practice test can help you see where you still need improvement in your study. Practice makes perfect, even in taking an exam.

Take control of finals week by following these steps and you should perform well. Remember, hard work always pays off!

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