A cappella quintet performs at ESU

By Danielle Ertle
SC Staff Writer

Music is part of the heart and soul. One band of five young men bring ESU a part of their heart and soul, sharing their love of music to eager students who have a love for R&B, soul, pop and gospel music.

The male a cappella band, Ball in the House, played at ESU on April 22nd in the Keystone Room.

Consisting of five young men, they sing classic and contemporary hits and are one of the top hit indie bands today.

They have sung with other artists such as The Jonas Brothers, The Temptations and Jessica Simpson, and were the voices and singers behind the Cool Whip commercials for six years.

Ball in the House began in Boston about fourteen years ago in the late 1990s by Jon J. Ryan and Dave Guisti.

They met back in the fifth grade at the Boston Boys Choir School studying music and instrument.

At Skidmore College, Jon was given the opportunity to widen his musical experience inside and outside the classroom.

After he graduated, he sang in various a cappella groups, but then after seeing a performance on beatboxing he decided to make his own band.

The band consisted of Jon and Dave, but soon led to others joining the group.

Auditions were then held for those who really wanted to commit to Ball in the House and now the band has five members.

Besides the 250 shows they do a year, Ball in the House have also gone to K-12 schools for assemblies educating the students on music and then playing for them.

One band member, Jon J. Ryan, admits how their music has helped others.

“We help inspire people and get them involved in the arts and stay in the arts,” he said. “We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from parents who write to us saying how their child got involved in music.”

As for their manager, Chrissie DiAngelus, who is the Manager of Piccadilly Arts, a performing arts agency, Ball in the House couldn’t be happier to have her with them. They’ve worked with her for three years now and says by having a manager helps them focus more on their music, and help book different shows in different areas.

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