AMANN AND CIMENT: Student Senate Election Results

President Amann was re-elected on Wednesday. Photo Credit / Valentina Caval
President Amann was re-elected on Wednesday. Photo Credit / Valentina Caval
President Amann was re-elected on Wednesday.
Photo Credit / Valentina Caval

By Valentina Caval


East Stroudsburg University students voted to give President Amann a second chance to represent them on Wednesday, giving him more time to make a difference at ESU.

In defeating Senator Drew Johnson, the president pulled in 425 votes in the course of the three day election. The survey ballots were sent out to the entire campus on Monday morning through e-mail. The voting period lasted from Monday through Wednesday at 4 PM.

“The ESU student body has spoken, and I am humbled by the amount of support that I have received from the fellow students and I am ecstatic to be voted in one more term,” Amann said.

The election was a narrow win for the president of only, as the final voting count came out to 425 to 364. The total vote count was 851.

The time period was not without any drama for the candidates. The battle on social media conquered ESU students’ newsfeeds. Constituents for both parties cheered on their choice for office. From selfies with the candidates to trending hashtags — #amann4president, #johnsonking2014— social media was a defining tool used for the candidates’ campaign.

Senator Johnson received significant support from the ESU student body gaining 44.99 percent of the votes.

“I am overwhelmed with the amount of support I got from students,” Johnson said. “I geniunely want to thank everyone.”

But the senator’s support fell short when it came down to the presidential race.

Amann received 52.53 percent of the vote.

The president wants Johnson to continue his work inside the Senate despite the loss.

“I have great respect for Drew; it is my hope that we can work together to represent our students,” he said.

Amann applauded ESU students for putting him back into office, and for their participation and “passion” regarding the voting process.

The voting did not stop with the president. Junior Melissa Ciment was elected Vice President by gaining 327 votes.

Senator Melissa Ciment was elected Vice President on Wednes- day. Photo Credit / Valentina Caval
Senator Melissa Ciment was elected Vice President on Wednesday.
Photo Credit / Valentina Caval

Ciment ran a tight race with Senior Efia King. The votes came out to 327 to 306.

“I am very thankful that so many students came out to vote for me,” Ciment said. “I have a lot of great ideas on how we can make student voices present in our Senate.”

Ciment served as the Special Events Chair this year: a position responsible for planning events, running a six member comittee, and fundraising.

“I look forward to being the student body’s representative and fulfilling my duties to the best of my ability,” she said.

ESU students also voted in senators.

There were 24 senators who ran in this week’s election. Each class is represented by eight senators and the rest are elected at large.

All of the senators on the ballot were elected on Wednesday.

Senators from the senior class will be Ronald Eith, Stephanie Gavilanes, Melissa Sheenan, Chris Smith, Brittany RaShannon Washington, Nadiyah Young, and Rebecca Zirkelbach.

Senators from the junior class will be Radhia Adam, Roberto Albano, Kristen Esposito, Binetou Fall, Chantal Fulgencio, Melisandri Molina, Sara O’ Connel, Eve Salzbeg, and Dominique Washington.

Senators from the sophmore class will be Joseph Carr, Christopher Davis, Robert DiDomenico, Spencer Holmsborg, Dora Osei-Bonsu, Rachael Nicolescu, Alexander Parise, Juan Rodriguez, Nick Russo, Christina Joy Thomas, and Nashetah Tucker.

The student body spoke and President Amann respected their voice.

“They realized the importance of this election and of voting. They recognzed the significance of the challenges that students face daily. They respected this office and put us back into it,” he said.

President Amann wanted the Student Senate to celebrate their “victory” on Wednesday night, but stressed the importance of going back to work today.

“We will go back to work in ensuring that every student has a voice, and that the cause for student advocacy never diminishes,” he said.

The president, vice president, and senators elect will start their term on June 1, 2014.

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