Education majors inspired

Billy Staples, Tyler Grady, and Victor Lesky pose at the College of Education presentation.
Photo Credit / Jenny Bront

By Jenny Bront
SC Staff Writer

Thanks to Professor William Staples and the College of Education, ESU students were able to meet American Idol finalist, Tyler Grady, and past Superintendent of the legendary Nazareth School District, Victor Lesky, Ed.D., on April 18 in Stroud Hall room 113.

The presentation began with Professor Staples questioning Lesky on his home life and then his professional life.

Lesky grew up in Dubois, Pennsylvania with his middle class family.

He began teaching in the Easton school district until 1976 when he began working at Nazareth until 2012.

He then told the audience and anecdote with a valuable life-lesson; one day the superintendent of the school came to him and asked him for his assistance.

He was put on the spot by someone he didn’t know at the time, but he made the decision to help him anyway.

Several years later, when the principal at the time had left his post, that superintendent recommended him for the position and he became principal.

The lesson there is that there will be one moment in your life, — no matter how small — that can define the rest of your life.

Seize every moment because you will never know what may happen in the future.

Next, Tyler Grady shared his story with the group.

He grew up on Johnstown, Pennsylvania with his family.

His parents wanted Grady to attend a great school and they had heard of the Nazareth district and decided to settle down where they can send him to Nazareth middle school.

While there, he was focused on academics. Music wasn’t in the works until he reached 8 grade health class where he was a part of a group.

It was then that he discovered his love of music.

He was a drummer in a band which became a serious thing.

Grady first tried out for American Idol for the seventh season in January of 2008.

Though he did not go to L.A., he tried out again for season 8.

It wasn’t until season 9 that he finally made it onto the show, auditioning in Boston, MA.

From this, one can take away the lesson of perseverance. He did not let things lie and instead worked on his craft to finally become a semifinalist for season 9.

Though he did not win, in an interview for EW, he said “I’m very disappointed but at the same time I’m in high spirits because I realize all the potential this platform has given me. I know I had approximately 30 million viewers see me perform. That’s more than some performers can say.”

He did not give up on his music and continued with his band.

The presentation showed that everyday people from right here in Pennsylvania can achieve their goals if they choose to seize a moment and preservere when things get tough.

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