Cleanliness on Campus: How clean are we?

By Amy Lukac
SC Staff Writer

A college campus should always remain clean and clear of wrappers, cigarette-butts, and unfinished food.

Although it is funny when a cartoon character in a television show slips on a banana peel, it would appear dirty and disgusting if that bruised piece of garbage was sitting in the middle of a cross-walk or next to a bench on campus.

As of right now that smelly story doesn’t exist on ESU’s campus, but that could easily change.

Before the Fall 2014 semester started, ESU’s campus community united for a campus clean up. This was the university’s first Clean-Up Day, and all intentions were to make the campus look its best for the newcomers and their families.

For three afternoon hours, faculty, staff, and administrators cleaned up many areas including Dansbury and Keystone courtyards, the area outside of Kemp Library, and the front circle.

There are other clean-up initiatives active on campus too. ESU has an Adopt-a-Block organization on campus. Once a month each club involved in the program cleans its designated street.

If you are in one of ESU’s clubs, talk to the president of the club to see if everyone would be interested in signing up a street!

Alyson Patascher, head of the Adopt-a-Block organization at ESU, explained that all volunteers are supplied with bags, gloves, and safety vests.

“Last year we had 24 organizations clean up 25 streets, which was a total of 207 students,” said Patascher. She expressed how happy she was with ESU’s clean campus as well.

Melissa Wittemann, an education major and senior here at ESU wanted to share some thoughts on ESU’s cleanliness: “ESU is clean, but at times there is litter around campus. To get students to volunteer to keep ESU clean, we could hold more than one Clean Up Day.”

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