Students Voice Approval of D2L

By Amy Lukac
SC Staff Writer

Students used to just print their essays and papers out. The only way to have a discussion with your class and professor was during class time or office hours.

That seems like a lifetime ago. Now we have a better way! ESU’s handy online link D2L allows students and professors to access all of the classes they are taking or teaching. Homework can be posted, along with the syllabus, grades, and more.

“D2L is easy to navigate and really straightforward,” said Emily Besser, a grad student at ESU.

All of my professors have the students using D2L this semester. Our syllabus is there for us to check whenever we want, as well as sample papers and MLA format reminder tips.

“Some teachers use it and some don’t, so it can be confusing at times,” said Gabrielle Gombos, an ESU senior.

The fact that all professors don’t use it can be frustrating for some students.

Students want to log on, and access every syllabus and be able to see every quiz grade. I personally like D2L, so I would be in favor for every professor to participate.

One of my favorite parts about D2L is the discussions. Each class has a discussions tab where you can talk back and forth with your classmates and professor. It’s almost like an in class discussion, but online.

Calliope, ESU’s literary magazine, uses discussions to talk about famous poems or short stories, as well as the club members’ creative work.

It allows us to talk to each other about what we liked and didn’t like about a certain piece of writing.

“I find D2L equally helpful for keeping student papers organized and archived. This comes in handy not only during the semester, but later for some students, when I want to write recommendation letters and refer to specific papers or projects. I particularly enjoy the feature where I can email all of the students at once,” says Dr. Leenerts, professor of English at ESU.

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