Delta Chi puts the “Green” in North and South Green Street

Delta Chi standing on South Green Street. Photo Credit / Jeff Wygant
Delta Chi standing on South Green Street. Photo Credit / Jeff Wygant
Delta Chi standing on South Green Street.
Photo Credit / Jeff Wygant

By Robert Rinehart
SC Contributing Writer

In 2006 The Delta Chi Fraternity was established as a colony on East Stroudsburg University’s campus.

We became recognized as a full, active member of our governing council, the Interfraternity Council, in 2010.

Recently, we have taken to community service. In the spring of 2014, we, as a lone fraternity of only 20 men, completed over 650 community service hours — an average of 32.5 hours per brother.

In 2011, Delta Chi Fraternity at East Stroudsburg University adopted both North and South Green Street as a part of the Adopt-A-Block Program. South Green Street, if you do not know, is located between Dansbury Commons and the smoke stack.

As a fraternity, we make sure that we keep up with the Adopt-A-Block rules and regulations.

Some of the rules that you must complete are filling out sign-in sheets within a certain amount of days, complete multiple clean ups per semester, and dispose of the trash correctly.

Overall, since 2011, we spent roughly 60 hours cleaning the two streets. As a fraternity, we have completed three or more clean-ups per semester since 2011 calculating to over 27 clean ups. We go up and down both sides of the street making sure the street is trash-free.

We also make sure there aren’t any sticks, branches, glass or anything unsafe on the sidewalks that may injure pedestrians who utilize these sidewalks.

Our latest clean-up was last Friday and the time before was the previous Friday.

During our last clean up, we were approached by the Stroudsburg Crime Watch President. She asked and we volunteered to watch over the street and several others during Halloween. This will ensure not just North and South Green Street are safe for children to trick-or-treat, but several others around East Stroudsburg as well.

Earlier this month, the East Stroudsburg Township recognized Delta Chi’s efforts by putting our Adopt-A-Block sign on South Green Street. This sign signifies all that we try to do as a fraternity.

Community service, philanthropy and education are the true meanings of being in a fraternity. We are not what the media portrays us to be. We try to do everything we can to positively impact the surrounding community.

Throughout the semester, we plan to do multiple street clean-ups, work with Habitat for Humanity, work at soup kitchens, help a family renovate their house, make sure children have a safe Halloween, and much more.

We pride ourselves on the service that we do and will continue to make sure the community is benefiting from our efforts.

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