WarriorLink Has Potential

By Regan Hoerl
SC Staff Writer

WarriorLink had always been a mystery to me until this semester. From my knowledge, WarriorLink provides the school with access to each club and their members.

Each club or organization on campus needs more than 15 members registered on WarriorLink to be considered an active organization.

It seems like a pretty easy process, but it can take up an entire meeting for a club to get everyone registered and activated.

My opinion on WarriorLink is simple: It’s useful, but shouldn’t be required.

In the past, I’ve received emails from SAA regarding attending one of the Calliope meetings to make sure we’re “on track.”

I believe that, with WarriorLink, SAA should back off from clubs and let the officers deal with the running of the organization.

WarriorLink is an awesome way to stay involved with clubs and organizations, know what events are happening on campus, and keeping students active.

However, don’t we, as students, get emails every day reminding us of events on campus anyway?

How many different social media outlets does the school need to remind students that an Open Mic Night hosted by CAB is happening tomorrow evening (just an example folks…it’s not really happening)?

Personally, I know that receiving the daily email updates from the school is annoying and tedious. How can the school make this easier and less frustrating? Possibly WarriorLink.

WarriorLink seems like the new Facebook for universities. They can connect all the clubs and organizations all at once and keep them in contact with one another.

If we can get all of our clubs and members to be more involved with WarriorLink, we can eliminate these monotonous updates from the university.

This way, we can have one outlet for campus communication and not four or five, which end up getting piled away or deleted into the ether.

My idea is that if students want to attend an event or activity, they’ll hear it from word of mouth or a flyer.

Flyers are the best way to get a student’s attention because they are a visual and are hung in practically every hallway and bulletin board around campus.

Most of the time, I find myself deleting emails from anything other than professors, students, and companies offering me coupons.

So, ESU, decide which outlet you’d like to use for clubs and organizations to spread the word about campus events.

More than likely, if you make a student focus on just one source of communication, they will be more involved.

WarriorLink is a great way to communicate, but we need to structure it a bit better and get more students using the page — not just ignoring it.

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