Helpful Solutions for Commuters

By Jenny Bront
SC Staff Writer

Commuters have faced the infamous dilemma: to leave campus or not to leave campus. We have fought tooth and nail to find a parking spot, and going home between classes means battling for your place all over again.

How can one fill the time stuck on campus between classes? Here at ESU, we have many extracurricular activities to do in-between your educational responsibilities.

Considering the fact that professors expect us to put in 3 hours of work for every credit hour, studying and working on assignments is a pragmatic way to spend your extra time.

ESU has computer labs in almost every building on campus. To type or print material, there’s an array of choices.

Our library has some great resources to aid you in your academic endeavors. Believe it or not, there are books you can use for research or for pleasure.

If you have a paper due, some free time, and a desire to improve your writing, the Writing Studio and its employees will help you with any questions you may have.

You can also apply for a tutor at Rosenkrans if you are struggling with a class.

If you didn’t get enough sleep, the couches on the second floor of the Union are surprisingly comfortable for a quick catnap. The study zone is prefect because silence is enforced.

Another choice is to join an organization. Sororities and fraternities will help you get involved in school activities and social interactions.

You can also join an organization based on your major. A list can be found at the ESU website under Student Life.

Sports organizations, audition for a play or a musical, join a dance team, or anything else that interests you can be an option.

Student Activity Association constantly provides activities and events for the students that are not only fun, but at times educational as well.

Comedy shows, musicians, late night, and more are all examples of the kinds of events they provide.

If all else fails, ESU has the Mattioli Recreation Center and Rec B, providing students with everything they need for fitness.

You can choose to do workouts on your own, get a personal trainer, or join in on the group fitness sessions and classes.

Being a commuter is not without its perks. We can use the commuter lounge lockers to store books, and we can also park just about anywhere.

We may not be on campus, but we are definitely part of the ESU community.

Just because you commute doesn’t mean you can’t get involved. You are paying for all of these services, so why not use them?

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