All the Places You’ll Go

By Susan Ambrose
SC Staff Writer

The first of several Study Abroad Information Sessions scheduled for the Fall 2014 semester will be held on October 9. The information session will take place in Stroud Hall, Room 203 from 2:00 to 3:00 PM and will be held every Thursday thereafter until November 6.

The Study Abroad Information Sessions are organized and presented by Michael Laffey, the Manager of International Programs, from the Office of International Programs.

According to East Stroudsburg University’s website, the goal of these sessions is to cover eligibility requirements, the application process, destinations, program costs, financial aid opportunities, and to answer any questions students may have.

The goal of East Stroudsburg University’s International Program, according to its website, is to “help students to lead and succeed in a global society and to promote diversity in the campus community by facilitating international exchanges and increasing international academic opportunities for students, faculty and staff.”

East Stroudsburg University is involved with several foreign universities’ exchange programs. ESU students can travel to Shenyang Normal University, China, University of Applied Sciences of Aalen, Germany, University of Wuppertal, Germany, Universidad de Jaén, Spain; Shanghai Normal University, China, and Henan University, China.

For any students interested in learning more about past students’ study abroad experiences, there is a Study Abroad Blog accessible through ESU’s website. Several students have logged their experiences in foreign countries such as France and Italy.

The Office of International Programs encourages students to consider a study abroad program due to the wealth of knowledge and experience they can gain. As stated on ESU’s study abroad web page, “By immersing in a new culture, you will increase your intercultural competence that will put you in a better position to live in an increasingly multicultural society and to pursue a global career.”

In order to aid students in reaching their study abroad educational goals, multiple scholarships have been made available to students by donors and the university. A list of these scholarships and other financial aid can be found in the study abroad section of ESU’s website.

Any ESU student who is a sophomore or junior is eligible to enroll in a study abroad program. Senior students may also enroll if they have had their respective Deans waive the requirement to take one’s last 32 credits at ESU.

For more information, visit ESU’s International Programs web page, or attend the next Study Abroad Information Session on October 16.

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