ESU and NCC Students Recite Original Works From Literary Magazines

East Stroudsburg University’s “Calliope” and Northampton Community College’s “Laconic” read students’ works. Photo Credit / Crystal Smith
East Stroudsburg University’s “Calliope” and Northampton Community College’s “Laconic” read students’ works. Photo Credit / Crystal Smith
East Stroudsburg University’s “Calliope” and Northampton Community College’s “Laconic” read students’ works.
Photo Credit / Crystal Smith

By Crystal Smith
A&E Editor

On October 20, students of East Stroudsburg University and Northampton Community College (NCC) gathered in Lower Dansbury for a personal and informal reading of their own collections from ESU’s “Calliope” and NCC’s “Laconic.”

“Calliope” is ESU’s literary magazine that is organized and run by students. The “Laconic” is NCC’s literary and arts magazine, which is also run by the students and faculty. Each magazine contains original works from students of the colleges.

Regan Hoerl, Editor-in-Chief of ESU’s “Calliope,” coordinated the event with NCC’s “Laconic” Editor-in-Chief, Nathan Decker.

The event kicked off with Dr. Madigan, faculty advisor of “Calliope,” welcoming all students to the reading.

Hoerl then took the podium, introduced herself, and spoke to the NCC students.

“I transferred from Northampton too and when I came here, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but then I found the ‘Calliope,’” she said.

After she spoke, Hoerl introduced last year’s Editor-in-Chief, Hannah Wallner.

“I gave a copy of ‘Calliope’ to everyone at my interviews, even if it did collect dust on a shelf,” Wallner told the audience.

The event took off as each reader took turns reading his or her personal poetry and stories.

The first poem that was read from the 2014 edition of “Calliope” was “Tarzan,” written by Katelin Delano.

“It’s about my boyfriend; I don’t know if he would like it if he read it, but it’s about him,” Delano said, laughing at her confession.

Kelly Luciw, an ESU alumna, read her original poems “Birthday Balloon” and “Stroud 315.”

“English majors can relate to the Stroud 315 room,” Luciw said.

Also performed out loud from “Calliope” was Adam Salama’s “Bluetiful Night.” He told the audience this poem was written about his favorite spot on a lake where he goes to think and find his peace of mind.

Hannah Wallner also performed her prose “How Do You Like Your Blue-Eyed Boy, Mister Death?”

Nathan Greene, Leslie Moser, and Werdah Darr of NCC shared work from the “Laconic” too.

In the Open Mic section of the night, readers from both schools read original pieces, as well as famous poems throughout history.

Regan Hoerl recited the late Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise.”

Houston Herman, a NCC student, recited “Hey You” and “Regret to Inform.”

ESU’s Shakeemah Hilarie recited her original poem entitled “I’m Responsible for the Rain.”

She wanted the audience to interpret her words for themselves, and then she explained the poem is about a daughter being raped by her father when she was young.

Sara Solares, also from ESU, recited her original poem “Dedication,” about a rainy day and getting to class on time.

Christopher Lordie, Vice President of the “Laconic,” performed “Single Rose.” The poem was inspired by his visit to the September 11 Memorial.

“My family and I lost friends in the tragedy, so it seemed appropriate,” he said after reciting the poem.

After the readings, the students helped themselves to refreshments and chatted with one another.

“I am very happy with the turnout and I think we made a good impression. Not only was this a poetry reading, but it was also good for ESU recruitment,” said Hoerl.

Hoerl thinks the future of collaboration between the two colleges looks bright as well.

“Next semester, ‘Calliope’ members will be going to the Northampton Community College Bethlehem campus,” Hoerl said.

According to Dr. Madigan, the night received a great turnout from both schools.

“It was a big success,” he said.

Be sure to grab a copy of the 2014 “Calliope” in the English department for all poems not mentioned.

If interested in submitting your original poetry, prose, or photos, please contact Editor-in-Chief Regan Hoerl at “Calliope” meetings are held in Stroud Hall 314 at 2:00 PM every Tuesday.

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