Living Off-Campus: What Students Can Do Between Classes

By Kendrick Diaz
SC Staff Writer

We commuter students save tons of money every semester by choosing not to dorm.

However, like most other students, we often have long breaks between classes, and finding something to do can be a challenge.

The best thing to do while we are here on campus is to be productive, but we can also take time to relax.

Going to the computer labs to catch up on school work is the obvious choice for any commuter student.

Working at home is simply dreadful; there are too many distractions.

One has their TV, their family bothering them, video games, pets, and better things to do besides schoolwork. With all these things available, we simply do not want to do anything, and we end up procrastinating.

Forcing ourselves to stay at the computer labs to finish our work can help solve that problem.

Being a commuter sometimes means having to get up early to drive to campus, especially for those of us with 8:00 AM classes.

When that is the case, we can head up to the quiet area in the Union, sleep, and be as lazy as we please.

Its sofas are not the most comfortable I have ever slept on, but I still wake up more refreshed than I would have been otherwise.

Plus, we sometimes we just need a good nap before we can move on to our schoolwork; our brains get fatigued after listening to lectures.

Hanging out in the commuter lounge is also an option. One can relax with their friends or mingle with fellow commuters they have never met.

One can also heat up their food in the microwave in the lounge so they can save money on lunch and, perhaps, dinner.

If one prefers eating the Union’s food, however, he or she could always still buy something from there.

If one has a break between classes and is working on a paper, one should definitely pay the Writing Studio a visit.

The great tutors there are more than happy to help improve anyone’s papers, from freshmen to senior, and it will
always help one’s grade to have someone look over his work.

Also, during Final Paper Push, there will be free coffee available to students, and that is sure to be helpful for all-nighters!

So if you’re ever looking for fun and easy things to do to help the day move a little faster, try this out!

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