Never too Late for a Scare from the Brothers

By Mackenzie Tasetano
SC Contributing Writer

A fraternity house could be a scary thing, especially to freshmen.

But, on October 31, a certain house became scary for a different reason.

This past Halloween, Phi Sigma Kappa opened its doors to the trick-or-treaters for a tour of their actual haunted house.

The house has been determined to be one of the most haunted areas in the Poconos, and has been the subject to Ghost Hunters International television series.

Even they feared the space when they came to investigate 91 Analomink St.

Of course, the story we tell to the trick-or-treaters has been fabricated to leave a lasting effect on the children, but the basis is still there.

“Ms. Helen Booth used 91 Analomink as in inn for those who were using the railroad in downtown East Stroudsburg.

The story goes that she ended up hanging herself and her ashes were buried inside the house.

Those who live in the house now still say there is some weird things that go on after hours of a normal night inside the house.”

This year, like years past, we hosted around 100 children and their parents to take a tour of the house before handing out the candy to the eager witches, goblins, and superheroes.

“This is one of our favorite events. It gets our name out there in a good way and provides a little spark to the kids walking around just getting candy on that night,” says Matt Robinson, President of Phi Sigma Kappa.

So before you enter 91 Analomink, beware that it’s not a scary place for the reasons people think.

We hope to see you next Halloween and join us as we tell the story of “A Nightmare on Analomink Streets.”

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