The Roaring 20s Come to Life at Diversity Ball

By Ayana Jones
SC Staff Writer

The black, red, and white decorations filled the room at the 20s-themed Diversity Ball this past weekend.

The African American Student Alliance (AASA) hosted the event, with the Latin American Association (LAA) serving as co-hosts. Many students and organizations gathered to enjoy in the festivities in Lower Dansbury where the event was held.

This annual event serves to bring together the student community and provide for the opportunity to meet new people.

Food was served while guests mingled. The menu for the extravagant evening consisted of penne pasta with melted cheese, oven roasted broccoli, parmesan crusted chicken, and fresh asparagus. Additionally, there was a designated salad bar, mixed fruit, and pie section.

The DJ spun 20s music while guest ate to help usher in the theme for the night. Everyone’s attire for the evening was elegant and twenties based.

The Pura Escenia Latin dance team performed a wonderful series of dances to Latin music.

After the energetic performance, the crowd was encouraged to dance as the DJ played line dance music and other cultural tunes. A gold backdrop was located in the back for those who wanted to take pictures as well.

Tambria Lee, a senior at ESU, and member of the AASA, shared of her view on the event. She said, “The Diversity Ball was definitely a great night for ESU. It celebrated the value ESU places on multiculturalism and diversity.”

Samantha Torres-Colon, a freshman, said, “It was a great experience to see everyone from all different backgrounds come together and enjoy each other’s company. The team did a wonderful job with their performance, and it was a very good time overall.”

In essence, that is the purpose of the diversity ball: to bring the student community together.

The AASA hopes to have more students in attendance as they celebrate again next year.

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