DOH Issues, Then Retracts, Measles Alert at ESUUnrelated Stomach Flu Epidemic Ensues

By Jamie Reese

On January 31, Millersville hosted basketball games against ESU, where an attendee was later believed to be carrying the measles virus.

On February 6, The Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) informed ESU officials of potential exposures to the virus at those games.

Officials put out an email that afternoon warning students who attended the games of the risk they faced.

The email included an informative attachment with directions on how to detect signs of the disease and proper discourse in the event of those signs appearing.

Since then, the DOH has retracted their alert, signifying, according to a recent ESU update, that those individuals who attended “are no longer considered to be at risk for measles.”

This potential incident is a reflection of a sudden surge in measles outbreaks around the country.

According to “The Guardian” and other major news media outlets, the outbreak originated after an unvaccinated California resident visited Disneyland, which acted as a breeding pool for the virus.

Unrelated, what is believed to be a stomach bug scourged campus on February 11 and the days that followed.

The symptoms of this alleged stomach virus do not match the symptoms of measles, which can therefore be ruled out as the culprit.

ESU employees responded by scrubbing down Dansbury Commons, residence halls, and etcetera. Self-serve food options were also temporarily made unavailable in order to limit the potential spread of pathogens.

The Official ESU Email put out a notice yesterday that encouraged students to avoid contact when possible, wash down surfaces, and wash hands vigorously.

The email also encouraged sick students to self-isolate and seek medical help if symptoms worsen.

Wellness bags containing anti-flu provisions have been made available to students at Dansbury Commons. They are also being distributed to Residence Halls on a regular basis.

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