Love is in the Air at ESU

By Ayana Jones
SC Contributing Writer

As Valentine’s Day approaches, amidst the cold air, you may be starting to feel the holiday spirit. Valentine’s Day is a special day for many to share love with those close to them.

However, with the snowy weather upon us, you will probably be spending the holiday indoors.

So, as you celebrate the upcoming holiday, here are just a few ways that you may decide to spend your day.

Treat Yourself; Relax
Contrary to what many believe, Valentine’s Day can be a day to have quality alone time. It is not just for couples.

You may decide to treat yourself to that item you’ve been eyeing for the last couple weeks on your favorite website.

So, plan the day out for yourself. Make your favorite meal, put on something comfortable, and watch a movie.

Do something you enjoy. Since the holiday falls on the weekend, you may even decide to sleep in.

Spend Time with Your Valentine
Use this time to show that special person how much they mean to you. You may decide to exchange gifts, go out to eat, or even serve up your own created dish.

Try doing something out of the ordinary with your Valentine. You don’t have to stick to the traditional way of celebrating. You can create your own Valentine’s Day tradition.

Spend the Day with Family
What better way to share the holiday of love than with those who love you the most: your family. Hang out with the parents on Valentine’s Day.

You can use this time to express your appreciation towards them and say thank you. The spirit of affection present on Valentine’s Day is one that should be present every day.

Hang with Friends
Being with friends is always a good time. Have a fun filled day for you and your friends to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. You can play games, order take out, or go to a party to celebrate. You may even decide to exchange gifts with a close friend.

As we close in on February 14, remember that the spirit of affection present on Valentine’s Day is something that should be demonstrated every day, not just the holiday.

However you decide to spend the holiday, be it with friends, family, lovers, or solo, make it a day to truly remember.

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