Delta Chi Kicking Reps and Taking Names

The Delta Chi brothers helping the ESU community clean up! Photo Credit / Phuong Le
The Delta Chi brothers helping the ESU community clean up! Photo Credit / Phuong Le
The Delta Chi brothers helping the ESU community clean up!
Photo Credit / Phuong Le

By Phuong Le
SC Contributing Writer

What defines a “frat boy?” Is it an individual who parties, skips class and has his parents pay for everything?

Or is it someone who devotes countless hours to helping the local community, helping specific charities, and studying for a higher grade point average than the rest of the non-Greek student body?

Delta Chi is a fraternity here at ESU. Founded in 2006, Delta Chi has contributed over 1000 hours to street clean ups around the community.

ESU has given Delta Chi a sign on South Green Street to thank the fraternity for their hard work. Former Delta Chi Community Service Chair Kyle Scott said, “We made it a requirement that each brother gets 15 hours. I think we did over 700 hours of community service last year.”

Delta Chi, as an international chapter, chose to donate funds to The Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research. Since 2006, the East Stroudsburg chapter has raised over $1500 for their research through Pie-A-Chi, Shave-A-Delta, and Dunk-A-Delta.

Delta Chi Vice President Peter Gass said, “We raised a lot of money for The V Foundation. It’s hard to get money for philanthropy, since we’re asking college students, but Shave-A-Delta raised a ton of money. Behind ESPN, Delta Chi’s second for donations towards The V Foundation.”

Besides street clean ups and philanthropic endeavors, the Delta Chi chapter has volunteered every year for the Special Olympics program. Brothers volunteer to be referees, hand out medals, assist in setting up, and make sure the events run smoothly.

For almost a decade, Delta Chi has provided hard work and dedication. The fraternity hosted alcohol-free events for students to attend and volunteer to raise thousands of dollars for good causes. There are also other fraternities and sororities on campus that do positive work as well.

Delta Chi President Riley Corpac says, “I’m really proud of our guys. When I got initiated, a lot of the older guys were leaving. It feels good to be president now, seeing all the changes I saw, and now bringing it all together. Now, I’m one of the older guys and I get to see the new guys do the same.”

Hopefully, the “frat boy” image can be redefined as someone who volunteers, gets good grades, and provides a positive service to the community.

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