Sometimes, a little help would be nice. Photo Credit / Amy Lukac
Sometimes, a little help would be nice. Photo Credit / Amy Lukac
Sometimes, a little help would be nice.
Photo Credit / Amy Lukac

By Amy Lukac
Opinion Editor

Have you ever seen rain pouring in front of you while driving, but it’s not raining on top of your car? Sure, it’s cool to see, but the weather differing in other areas can be nothing but a pain.

I live in Tobyhanna, PA. I’ve never heard of that town once prior to my grandparents moving there. It’s very quiet, and where I am, secluded. I always tell everyone I meet that I think I live next door to the Grinch… all the way on the tip-top of the mountain. Sounds great for someone that wants to retire to a quiet place, but there is one giant flaw: the weather.

Half of the time I believe we have our own little snow cloud that likes to live right above us. The problem is, most of the time when it looks like a blizzard there, it’s raining at ESU.

I’m a commuter, clearly, and I have to drive through terrible conditions just to finally reach campus, to where the weather is fine. Early this week, I left my house in the wee hours of the morning to get to my morning class, and it looked like the snowplows haven’t even attempted at their job yet. Doing 25mph in a 40mph area, I was stressed out and sliding around the road.

Finally, I reached a few exits away from ESU, and the roads were just wet from rain, and the sun was even trying to make its way out.

I don’t believe ESU is opening up weather apps on phones, and looking at the weather where commuters might be coming from. I don’t think it’s fair.

I wasn’t asking for a day off of school, although if the conditions in the area where I live were at ESU, we would have had another snow day, I was just hoping for a delay. It was so dangerous to drive in that just to go to campus, so I wouldn’t have to worry about an absence.

I think I speak for many or almost all commuters at ESU on this issue.

The technology we have today is incredible. A good majority of us have smart phones, and all of us have access to a computer. Pull up the weather app, or Google the weather, and explore the different areas that are outside the walls of ESU.

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