Studying in Slippers?

By Victoria Costello
SC Staff Writer

Imagine going to class in your pajamas. That is precisely what online classes allow students to do! Online classes provide students the opportunity to do their class work and attend classes anywhere they can have a laptop!

With our hectic schedules of trying to balance classes, extracurricular activities, and social lives, all while trying to preserve our sanity, online classes seem to be a great alternative for many students.

For other students, however, the benefit of practicality is outweighed by what you lose when you give up physical class time.

I feel that there is something about the in-class environment that you simply don’t experience when taking an online course. Personal interaction, accountability in discussion, and the social aspect of physically attending class is lost when the class is taken online.

Normal classes set challenges so that students are required to work diligently, while also motivating themselves to complete assignments. The herd mentality comes in to play; who wants to be the kid in class who doesn’t have their homework completed?

With that sense of accountability from the presence of the professor and fellow peers, most students feel a sense of obligation to complete assignments. Online classes simply don’t work for those students that aren’t intrinsically motivated and self-disciplined, as it’s easy to cheat and fall behind.

Additionally, the classroom is a place where many students meet friends, and making plans with someone you see a few times a week is much easier than making plans with a fellow classmate you “met” at your online class.

Essentially, the social aspect of the classroom setting is lost when classes are taken online.

“I think online classes are a good idea for students that can’t attend a regular class schedule, but you’re essentially paying to teach yourself. So, if a student is able to go to class, then I would recommend not taking online classes,” said junior Jordan Adam, a psychology major here at ESU.

Sometimes, online courses are simply more practical for students faced with different circumstances. When students commute or have other responsibilities they must attend to, online courses often fit into their schedule better.

Online classes are ideal for students who are self-motivated, as it is crucial for success. They also provide the student with the freedom to choose when and where they want to complete their assignments. Typically, professors will assign homework weekly so students taking classes online have more freedom to get ahead and finish the assignments for that week.

Choosing to take an online course is a matter of preference largely based on learning style. While they don’t work for me personally, it’s good that students have the option. Overall, online courses may not work for some students, but they work wonderfully for others.

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