An Inside Guide to Everything Sherman

By William Cameron

Copy Editor

Reaching over Stroudsburg’s Main Street sidewalks with bright lights and red letters, the marque of the Sherman Theater is a difficult sight to miss.

The sign frequently features names of international performers and well-known celebrities, but the theater offers more cultural enrichment through its own role in local history.

Standing large in heart of the town for nearly a century, the walls of the Sherman Theater have housed a diverse array of operations.

In its former enterprises, the Sherman stage showcased acts ranging from vaudeville productions and circus performances to live music and feature films (including a brief period in which the theater screened X-rated films).

In 1955, a flood stuck the community of Stroudsburg and the Sherman Theater acted as a dry safe-haven and provided the community with shelter and entertainment.

In the following years, the Sherman faced countless struggles including fires, financial troubles, and competition from other larger theaters.

As a result, the theatre took a brief hiatus from 1983 to 1988 at which time the theatre reopened and was transformed into a preforming arts center.

The theater reopened once more under new ownership in July of 2004.

Renovations and restoration efforts under current management have more than returned the aging hall to its former glory. With modernized improvements in sight, sound, and spectacle, the Sherman now offers an engaging new experience to each of the theater’s productions.

The facility offers events for live music, but that is not all. Live comedy, film screenings, and dramatic performances can also be attended at the Sherman Theater.

In addition to performance events, the local farmers market has set up shop inside the Sherman every Saturday morning for the duration of the winter.

In recent years, the Sherman has expanded their facility into the adjacent building now known as the Living Room.

The smaller, more personal environment caters to smaller events and gallery showings, offering a more intimate experience to a face-to-face audience.

To learn more about the Living Room, read the article below. Though the town of Stroudsburg has transformed much over decades, the Sherman’s richly detailed architecture pays tribute to the showmanship of an era passed. Currently operating as a member-supported nonprofit organization, the Sherman Theater now serves as a home to local performers and international super-stars alike.

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