Nemo Makes a Great Roommate

Ned & Larry Comic by Robin Crossman. Photo Credit / Google Images
Ned & Larry Comic by Robin Crossman. Photo Credit / Google Images
Ned & Larry Comic by Robin Crossman.
Photo Credit / Google Images

By Bari Antell

SC Contributing Writer

What kinds of pets should be allowed in dorms? Is allowing only fish too restrictive?

As many students have the commonality of loving pets, they should still be restricted from the dorms. For the sake of the pet, a dog or cat would not be able to be raised in a dorm room condition.

As for students within the university, some may have health related concerns towards some of these animals, causing allergic reactions.

This could take away from student’s success in the classroom, and rather add stress to their everyday living.

As a lover of dogs myself, I completely understand why students would want to have pets in their dorms. Pets are very loving and take away the stress everyday life brings on someone.

Especially as a college student, I would love to come home from a long day of classes and pet my dog, but unfortunately I know it is best not to bring him to these living conditions.

My little Cockapoo would not be able to have the joyous energy he has from running around all day and playing catch on the beach.

As for smaller pets, such a hamsters, guinea pigs, and rodents, students could still be affected with health conditions if they are allergic. This could cause issues not only within the dorm building, but the university as a whole.

Even though these pets bring happiness to students, the animals themselves would not be as happy in small living conditions, like a dorm room. Fish are small pets that not many people have health concerns with. Although they are not able to grab and cuddle, they still provide a lot of comfort.

As an owner of a fish, I find my fish to be very comforting in times of stress, and bring a little piece of joy to my life each and every day.

All in all, I personally feel pets (other than fish) should not be permitted in the dorm rooms. There are too many concerns at risk, which could cause many issues within the university.

Give a fish a try, and I promise that fish might make your day a little better.

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