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Options are sometimes a burden. Photo Courtesy / Google Images
Options are sometimes a burden. Photo Courtesy / Google Images
Options are sometimes a burden.
Photo Courtesy / Google Images

By Amy Lukac
Opinion Editor

You’re sitting in your room and you either need a break from your schoolwork, or you have actually finished all of it. What comes to mind for most college students in this situation? Netflix.

The problem with Netflix is a problem most Netflix-watchers have: browsing. Judging a book, or in this case, a movie by its cover, takes up a good amount of time.

If you’re a Netflix-lover, or you’re new to it, these tips may help you out in your time of need.

First, if you’re watching Netflix on your TV or tablet, open up your laptop and type in For some reason, you’re able to search and see every single movie or show under a genre of your choice. On other devices, you’re only allowed to see what Netflix suggests to you under each genre, as well as a search bar that just allows you to type in the specific movie or show you have in mind.

Once you find what you want to watch, search for it on a bigger device!

Second, the content is the hardest part. You always find yourself browsing and browsing, and browsing some more. You’ll browse so much that you’ll end up turning it off and watching “Full House” on ABC Family on regular cable. So what are some shows or movies that, from my experience, are worth watching?

“Family Guy” is a show you would want to put on for background entertainment mostly. I love the show, don’t get me wrong, but if I’m doing something aside from paying attention to my screen, I’ll throw “Family Guy” on. It’ll chime in with the funny scenes and lines and make me laugh.

Another show to throw on for background entertainment is “Friends.” I’m pretty sure that almost everyone watched this show when it was live, or throughout the years with it always being on television. So again, you’ve seen these episodes, but they’re still great to watch over and over again.

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way. “Orange is the New Black,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Breaking Bad,” just to name a few. These are all great television series’ to binge watch after a long day of classes or studying.

The problem with all of these is the fact that you can’t really stop watching them. So, be prepared for them to take over your life.

Some of the less obvious but really good shows or movies to watch, include: “Disney’s: The Croods,” or any Disney film, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “Raising Hope,” and many more. The trick is to not judge it by their cover, and give it a shot. The star-ratings are really what keeps me from watching a movie.

Of course there are a bunch of classics for you to re-watch as well. Some of those classics include: “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Clueless,” “Grease,” “Dirty Dancing,” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” If you’ve already seen these, watch them again! They’ll forever be titled classic for a reason, and if you haven’t seen them, I would get on that right away!

There are a plethora of movies and shows for you to watch in between classes, while relaxing, or before bed. Take some of these titles and make a bingenight!

Campus can get boring sometimes, but a binge-night with your close friends and roommates can be enjoyable and entertaining!

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