Dance Company Shakes the Stage

ESU's Dance Company at Friday night's performance. Photo Credit / Amy Lukac
ESU's Dance Company at Friday night's performance. Photo Credit / Amy Lukac
ESU’s Dance Company at Friday night’s performance.
Photo Credit / Amy Lukac

By Amy Lukac
Opinion Editor

On Friday, April 17, East Stroudsburg University’s Dance Company showed off their jumps and turns in a live performance at the Abeloff Center for the Performing Arts.

At 7:05 PM the lights turned off and alien-like music started. A group of dancers under a red light formed as one on the left corner of the stage

With music by Phil and Paul Hartnoll, choreography by Maria Triano, and dancers Yadira Dejesus, Nikki Giordano, Tyree Scott, Heather Williams, and Deveney Youngs, the dance titled “Universal Voyage,” took the audience on a journey and ended with a round of applause.

The next dance, “Instability,” choreographed by Deven Dan, and music by Imogen Heap, put the show into a different tone.

The dancers Mahea Bowen, Kaitlin Constantine, Jessica Gigantino, Darby Owen, and Becca Rehrig, were all dressed in black-laced dresses and performed dramatically to match the music.

“Crumbled,” choreographed by Kelsie Lockley, and music by Jacquie Lee, included three girls in long skirts.

Two girls wore pink skirts, and the other wore a green one. Nikki Giordano, Kelsie Lockley, and Deveney Young covered every part of the stage with technical dance moves.

The contemporary dancers used every part of their body to create a story within the music.

If you like scary movies, you would enjoy the dance that followed “Crumbled.”

“Mine over Mind,” choreographed by Tyree Scott, and music by Jack C. Arnold and Jordan Asher, started with a scary tone.

Dancers Jessica Gigantino and Tyree Scott became silhouettes in front of a red-lit background.

The movie trailer soundtrack from “The Woman in Black” played in the beginning of the dance, and then transitioned into “Haunted” by Beyonce.

“They’re pretty good! I want them to jive the music up a little. I hope to see a dance with some disco,” commented Sandy Moschak, a community member.

After a ten minute intermission, “Bach Suite: Allegro, Andante, Presto” played loudly out of the speakers.

Choreographer Elizabeth Gibbons put together a very long number for dancers: Katie Constantine, Nikki Giordano, Quadira Gregg, Kelsie Lockley, Shanna O’Connor, Tyree Scott, and Deveney Young.

This number was the longest of the show and consisted of a lot of the same dance moves over and over again.

The dancers appeared tired towards the end of the performance, but managed to finish the entire dance with smiles on their faces.

“Heart,” choreographed by Rebecca Rehrig and music by Drehz, featured two dancers: Darby Owen and Becca Rehrig.

The two dressed alike in dark lace danced emotionally to match the dramatic, contemporary music and earned a loud round of applause when it ended.

The last song happened to be the community member, Sandy Moshcak’s favorite.

She wanted disco, and the show ended with Donna Summer’s “Last Dance.”

The dance featured dancers Mahear Bowen, Yadira DeJesus, Tess Edwards, Jessica Gigantino, Nikki Giordano, Tyree Scott, Kate Siley, and Heather Williams.

Tyree Scott played a soldier having his last dance with his wife before going off to war. The curtains had stars projected on them, and red, white and blue lights.

After the show ended, the song, “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon blasted from the speakers and the dancers ran out onto the stage and danced freestyle.

This was the curtain call, and after they bowed, they jumped off the stage and got audience members to dance with them.

After the curtain call, the dance company as well as the choreographers and director, sat on the edge of the stage and participated in a question and answer session.

As soon as the questions were answered, dancers joined their families, and the audience exited the building, some dancing with the songs in their heads.

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