Carson Can’t Communicate 

By Laura Jean Null


Republican candidate Ben Carson, has the American people talking and questioning his candidacy. Carson stands as a republican, however he goes against the party when deciding to tax everyone fairly.

In the first republican debate hosted by Fox News, Carson was the only man standing that announced an idea for taxing. His idea is known as the 10 Percent Tax Plan based on biblical tithing.

Carson explained to Fox News, “You make $10 billion a year, you pay a billion; you make $10 a year, you pay one. That’s pretty damn fair if you ask me.” Reasonable enough, that is a fair deal. One that makes little to nothing should not have to pay as much as one that well above the higher class.

However, even though this is a great idea, it is not a norm for the Republican Party to tax the rich. Because of this, nearly everyone in the Republican Party has more money than could possibly be needed. This is shown by their tours and campaigns and even by Donald Trump being the poster boy for having more money than he could count.

Carson’s flat-tax idea is almost a positive outlook for not just the republicans, but American citizens.

Although, Carson may have convinced both democrats and republicans to sway their vote toward him because of this tax plan. Recent reports, have inspired NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” to make fun of Carson for saying homosexuality is a choice.

Going along even further discussing that men go into prison straight, then come out gay as a choice. Even further reports from Fox News and NBC have revealed Carson still does not support gay marriage.

One has the rights to their own opinions, but Carson wanting support from the majority of the American people has to accept the fact that gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states.

Religious values are allowed, but should not affect a nation.

Furthermore, when it comes to Carson’s ideas for the Republican Party, not all of them are bad, but most of them are not communicated correctly.

Relating to the shooting that took place in Oregon, on CBS News Carson claimed that Hitler would not have been able to diminish the Jews if they had had more guns.

“I’m telling you there is a reason these dictators take peoples guns first,” he stated.

Carson does make an intriguing point about the Holocaust and gun rights.

His thoughts about having teachers trained and armed is still highly debatable and understandably being considered by state laws. However, the way he communicated his ideas to the people is ineffective.

He does not sound intelligent when one listens to how he speaks, rather than to the meaning of his words.

If Carson wants a chance at staying high up in the polls, he needs to learn how to speak looking up with confidence and most of all believe in the words he says.

If he seems unsure of himself, how are voters supposed to be sure of him?