Donald Trump: Why is He Doing so Well? 

By Mason Allen Buskirk


Things are kicking into high gear for the presidential campaign and election that shall determine who’ll be the fourty-fifth President of the United States.

Clearly, the next man, or woman, who will take the White House off of Obama’s hands must be a real follow-up, considering Obama’s popularity (or present lack thereof), and the unrelenting presence of the media.

Obama himself, along with several of the Republican candidates, is far from impressed with a certain multi-billionaire businessman, celebrity, TV personality who is taking the GOP by a landslide.

This is all because he never watches what he says, nor what anyone else says; he only ever watches what a man does.

That’s Donald Trump. The mainstream media is mind-boggled, and even indignant, that Trump is now the leading man for the Republican presidential nominee.

According to Americans, they believe he’s a breath of fresh air, because he can kill two birds with one stone. He can (according to many) bring this country around economically for the middle class, while also speaking his mind.

Political correctness is something Trump is no friend of, and he isn’t afraid to put America first, as he believes in American exceptionalism, that we are the greatest country in the world.

Trump isn’t afraid to tell the truth, does not care what the media thinks of him and he isn’t afraid to expose the cowards and frauds in his own GOP leadership, as well as elsewhere in both political parties who’ve used bribery and blackmail.

Being deemed a “racist,” by questioning Obama’s policies, doesn’t seem to effect him. In fact, it’s his words that have been linked with controversy that will give him nationwide attention.

Trump intends to topple politics as they’re played with all of their corruption and misspending of taxpayer’s money, and he can’t be bought out by anyone, seeing how he buys them out first.

At one campaign speech, in addressing illegal immigrants, he called some of the illegals smugglers, thieves, and rapists. They certainly do not make up the majority of illegal immigrants (though they are what gives us an obligation to protect our border), but the media didn’t see it that way.

America is one big reality TV show. We idolize celebrities. That’s why Obama was elected twice, not because of his policies. Most of his supporters couldn’t even name his policies.

Donald Trump is at the top of the GOP because he picks fights with other celebrities. Trump is a bigmouth, and is offensive sometimes, as he isn’t careful about what he says, and never apologizes.

han Obama’s refusal to lower the flag at half-mast for days in honor of the fallen soldiers of the aforementioned terrorist attack? Only after Trump did such to his own flag on his property did others follow suit during that moment of respect.

Trump never worries about what he, nor anyone says. He only ever cares about what gets done. It might be said, that with all his being honest to himself, his thoughts, and everyone, his mouth just might be his Trump Card! …get it?

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