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By: Jenny Bront

(SC Staff Writer)


Your four years as an undergrad are coming to an end, and you wonder what comes next?

Will you enter the job force, or further your education by getting your Masters?

If grad school is what you are looking for, then visit the Graduate School Expo, hosted by ESU’s Career Development Center.

Located in Rosenkrans Learning Center on Tuesday, Oct. 6 from 3 p.m.-6 p.m., this fair will allow you to look at the various options you have when considering this important next step.

The fair will present a total of 27 grad schools such as Immaculata, Temple, Villanova, Arcadia, Drexel and Penn State.

You will get the opportunity to present yourself for admission if you are really interested in going to grad school—or a specific grad school, or you can simply go and look at some information if you are unsure.

For those who want a step up on the graduate school ladder, the following are some suggestions to make your Expo experience  a valuable one.Dress professionally, bring your resume, and practice your Elevator Speech.

Before the Expo, do some research and rank the schools you are interested in first so as to make sure you have time to see them.

Prepare some questions that will help you ascertain the information you need to make the right choice for you.

Finally, after the conclusion of the Expo, make sure to follow up with those you spoke to or any additional contacts recommended to you.

To further help you with preparing for this Expo, the director of the Career Center has some questions for you to consider when speaking to the colleges you are interested in.

You should ask questions that cover these areas: Admissions Process, Courses Offered, Faculty/Teaching Quality, Financial Aid, Graduation Employment, and Student Body.

Begin at square one by asking questions about admissions.

What is the admissions selection process? Is selection made by faculty of the specific department to which you are applying to? What is the makeup of the admissions committee?

Is selection made by a single faculty member or a committee, and if it is a single faculty member, is selection based on that member’s desire to become the applicant’s graduate supervisor?

Next, ask questions about courses and programs that are offered.

What are the program’s goals and specialties considered to be? In what areas are your program strongest? What are the course and thesis requirements for my degree? Do you need any special certifications or licenses?

Be sure to  also ask about graduate housing, financial aid possibilities, and statistics about getting employment after you finish the program.

Ask about the professors. Are the faculty good mentors as well as brilliant minds in the field?  Are they around enough to teach or are they constantly working on their own projects?

Other more general questions you should ask are about the application process itself: What tests are required? What is the latest date that applications can be taken to be considered for fall 2016 admission? How many applicants are accepted? How long will the program take to be completed?

This is a really great opportunity for students to become well-educated on the possibilities that are out there for them.

Kaleigh Ohland, an ESU graduate student in the Public Health program, chose ESU’s graduate program based on affordability, but she said that it would have been beneficial to see more options laid out for her as the Graduate School Expo is excellent at doing.

Even if you already know where you want to go, this Expo is a great way to get your brand out there and is a chance to make a good lasting impression.

“It is a great networking opportunity to be able to talk to different schools, and gather the information you need to pick the correct school,” said Kendrick Diaz, an undergrad senior in ESU’s English program and hopeful grad student.

This chance does not come around often, so make the most of it.  The Career Development Center provides students with a great foundation to build on in our careers; therefore, there are no doubts that this Expo will be beneficial to all who attend.

If you need further assistance with other admissions processes, such as writing a personal statement or a resume, the Career Development Center can assist you with that too.

So, climb that extra step on the ladder and come to Rosenkrans to see the potential of your future.


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