Life is Sweet at Sweet Creams Cafe

By: Rachel Nappo

SC contributing writer

With restaurant chains dominating the food industry, it is becoming rare to find tasty local eateries. Luckily, Main Street is home to several local shops and restaurants, such as Sweet Creams Cafe, located on its lower end.

Sweet Creams Cafe truly is a hidden gem in Stroudsburg, serving their customers a variety of different foods, specializing in their popular sandwiches, rich desserts, and even espresso options.

The menu is a little overwhelming for such a small place! If you are ever debating on a sandwich to choose, one of their most dedicated employees of three years, Jessica Muccione, encourages people to buy the Malibu sandwich, as it is considered to be their best-seller.

If you choose to be a bit more adventurous when you go out, there is always the option to try out one of their specials. They change weekly!

Save some room for dessert when entering this place too, because it is not something many wish to pass up.

If choosing one or two scoops of ice cream seems hard, imagine having to choose from one of 15 different flavors.

There is also a range of frozen drinks to select. Muccione’s personal favorite is the ice-presso, a mix of their homemade cappuccino ice cream, cold espresso, and topped with whipped cream. Order it at the counter, or sit down and enjoy the quaint atmosphere.

Their specialty drink menu consists of many different unique possibilities. One awesome thing they do for all the coffee lovers out there is they put coffee ice cubes instead of traditional ice cubes in their iced lattes to keep it from being watered down.

Customer Dana Melchers, says, “This is a great idea, more places should do this. Umm Dunkin’ where are my coffee ice cubes?”

The cafe is on social media with a Facebook page where one can find information about the place, including their menu and various photos!

Guest comments are visible too, with all great reviews. As told by their Facebook page, “Sweet Creams Cafe is the place in the Poconos to treat yourself!”

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