Mr. & Mrs. AASA

By Sarah Kinsey

News Editor

East Stroudsburg University has not only one but two separate homecomings this year!

Celebrate the African American Student Alliance (AASA) homecoming on Oct. 9 at 6:30 p.m. in Abeloff and witness the competition and crowing of Mr. and Mrs. AASA.

For students at ESU the entrance fee is $2 and for non-ESU students the fee is $3.

The AASA is an organization on campus that focuses on “promoting a positive atmosphere for all students, particularly [African American] students, emphasizing on education and social activities,” according to AASA’s president Kate Rzucidlo, a senior at ESU.

The candidates vary in age.

Running for the Mr. AASA: Anthony Sudler (freshman), Xaxier, Tanner (freshman), Aaron Warren (freshman), Damir Roberts (freshman), Munir Hart (freshman), Nasir Cooper (freshman), and Mikail Darcres (sophomore).

Running for Mrs. AASA: Danielle Easly (freshman), Johalys Marte (freshman), LaDraea Bennett (freshman), Whitney Mackey (freshman), Hoylaine Marcellus (freshman), Adannian Ufondu (junior) and Ashe Pope (senior).

The candidates are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and have a strong academic standing at ESU.

They  will compete in five different categories including: swimwear, formal wear, interview and #OOTD (this category allows the candidate to show off his or her personal style).

Events that incorporate the entire campus and create entertainment for an audience help Rzucildo and the AASA push their message of positivity throughout the university.The AASA homecoming offers leadership positions, opportunities for students to get involved and for the general public’s pleasure. “It’s fun! Who wouldn’t want to win a title like this?” Rzucidlo exclaimed.

“The [goal] of this event is to increase awareness of AASA, add a fun event to our normal semester and also a fun way to get students to the Student Leadership Development Institute conference so that they can better themselves by meeting other students and professionals so that they can connect and network for postgraduate life.”

President Rzucidlo has high hopes for this event’s potential to bring awareness and help other students connect with employers or find his or her own path.

The homecoming is not the only thing in store for the AASA this year.

“[We are expanding by] offering more socials like our Empire Binge, bringing in more speakers, making our annual Fashion Show and Diversity Ball bigger and better every single year,” Rzucidlo explained.

By offering more events that appeal to a diverse group of students, Rzucidlo hopes to bring more students into the club with fun, flashy, and entertaining events for all.

“The future of AASA is in the hands of our incoming class,” said Rzcidlo who is on her last year at ESU. Her impact on the committee will make a lasting impression.

“…We [the older committee chairs] are kind of making a blueprint for the underclassmen to go crazy with and make it their own. I would like to see AASA be able to provide that reason for why a student [will stay] here at ESU, like it did for me”.

The AASA loves to have students’ opinions and suggestions. To contact the club, email President Kate Rzcuido at, or comment on their Warrior Link page.

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