The Paper of Your Life

By Laura Jean Null

It’s not a class essay, it’s not your high school transcripts, and it’s not your senior thesis. It is essentially “the most important paper of your life”; it’s your resume.

A resume may not seem important at this particular time for most students, especially if graduation seems so far away. However, the sooner you prepare yourself in constructing a resume, the better you are prepared for your future.

Here at East Stroudsburg University, free workshops are offered to give tips and tricks for students and helping them formally create a resume that will assist them when applying for jobs.

The program called Resumania led by Career Advisor Director, Daria Wielebinski and Career Advisor, Luke Zeigler.  The workshops gives students instructions on formatting, length, vocabulary and other guidelines to creating the best possible resume for one’s career based off of education, qualifications, job experience and extracurricular activities.

When describing a resume, Wielebinski stated, “It’s your ticket to your future.”

Acording to Wielebinski and Zeigler’s presentation, people are constantly changing due to trends, growing and society around; thus, resumes must be updated as well.

“It doesn’t matter what you’ve done if you can’t articulate it in a precise way,” stated Zeigler.

The goal with this program is for you to learn how to put the finest you on paper, and increase your chances of job acceptance.

“After seeing students helped one on one, preparing for their future, I find this to be an extremely important and useful workshop,” said a student at the workshop.

She continued, “I recommend this not just for student’s graduating soon, but students as young as freshman getting a jump-start, preparing for their future.”

Zeigler stated, “Just getting involved is really the biggest thing.”

Sept. 2 was the first of five Resumania workshops. On Sept. 24, ESU will be hosting the career fair, which is sold out with employers looking for young talent.

For more information visit the top floor of the University Center. Along with starting a resume, the first step you can take as a student is going to the office.