You Had Me at Boo


By Amy Lukac

Are you ready to fall in love with fall all over again?

Delicate mums are waiting to be bought outside of Lowes, patches are loaded with orange pumpkins patiently waiting for a new face, and the trees are changing from green to orange, yellow and red.

That version of October sounds calm and peaceful, right? Well, Dorney Park has a different vision of fall.

Dorney Park’s Halloween HAUNT is back for its seventh season with 11 scary attractions that will keep you watching your back all night.

The clowns will drag their bloody shovels through the park from now until November 1. (Then they have to return to their underground circus.)

As you walk into the park, the Halloween décor sets the mood for the rest of your day and evening. Spider webs stick to the light posts, pumpkins with fangs seem to follow you with their eyes when you walk by them and the attraction buildings have an ominous burning color.

Returning attractions this include: Age of Darkness, The Asylum, Blood Shed, Corn Stalkers, Cut Throat Island, Desolation, Grave Walkers, Head Hunters and Mansion House Hotel. If the titles alone don’t scare you, just wait until you experience them.

The live show Blood Drums is back for another season as well, and so is the Fright Feast dining attraction.

There will also be 11 NEW chilling attractions to add to your frightening agenda. New mazes are set up for you to walk through, slowly, while you try to keep your eyes open, along with a new attraction called Chambers of Horrors Wax Museum.

The wax museum happens to be Haunt Designer Rich Litzenberger’s favorite this year.

What would you do if the lights went out, and it was so dark that you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face?

BlackOUT is another new attraction that will be located in the Talon Midway section of the park. According to the Dorney Park website, it makes you find your way through pitch darkness.

When you ask someone what they are afraid of, “clowns” are a typical and reasonable answer. How about going to CarnEVIL where crazy clowns lurk, and side show freaks are waiting to entertain you?

CarnEVIL is the new circus-themed scare zone that will be located in the Hydra Plaza. You don’t even have to wait in line for this one. Just walk into a nightmare with no wait.

Skeleton Crew is a new live show that will feature acrobatic clowns and freak shows, going along with the surrounding CarnEVIL theme. This show will premiere on Friday, Sept. 26.

For the regular consumer, single day fall admission is $37, September single day tickets are $32, and if you buy 4 or more tickets, you will receive a free ticket for you to come back and relive your frights on any single Sunday from Sept. 20 – Nov. 1.

ESU students and faulty, however, can purchase discounted tickets through SAA is University Center 211. Students may purchase one ticket at $17. Any additional tickets will be sold at the guest and faculty rate of $27 per ticket, which is still a discount of $10!

Every Friday in October, the park is open from 6 p.m. until midnight, Saturdays from 11 a.m. until midnight, and Sundays from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.

If you’re daring and love to get scared, type in  or visit SAA to purchase your ticket dripping with fear. Bring yourself, your friends, and a change of undies, and have a spookful night!


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