Anime Club to Host 2015 Yushi-Con

By Mason Allen Buskirk

Contributing Writer

The semester, as usual, has been flying by like the drifting leaves off the trees, and even more exams are undoubtedly approaching.

Universities are home to many extracurricular clubs that host events and occasions for students to unwind and immerse themselves with new experiences.

At ESU, there are many opportunities to engage in activities of foreign cultures.

One of these opportunities is the Anime Club, which meets for the enticing activity of viewing and discussing Japanese anime and occasionally programs and movies from other countries.

The Anime Club meets every Monday and Wednesday in Stroud 201 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. On Nov. 7, the members of the Anime Club are hosting their annual Yushi-Con Festival.

“Yushi-Con is a Multi-Genre Anime Convention, encompassing not only anime but also a whole wide array of other ‘geek’ cultures such as comics, video gaming, fandom, etc.,” explained YushiCon Coordinator Patrick McGee.

“We will be having many guests who will be engaging our audience in a variety of fun yet also educational panels. One of these guests being Mike Pollock, the guy who’s been voicing Dr. Robotnik for the past ten years.” McGee continued.

Abby Normal, an ESU alumni and professional cosplayer, will also be in attendance.

She “will be providing educational panels discussing important social issues such as consent and positive body image,” according to McGee.

“We will also be pushing around 10 percent of our funding toward ‘Love 4 Liam,’ which is a foundation that provides awareness and advocacy in research toward sick children and provide funding for Children’s Hospitals such as CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia),” McGee stated.

The anime club has a modest number of members, but it is an approachable place to socialize in.

“It’s a really friendly atmosphere. We try our best to make it as welcome and open as possible to new members.,” said Ariel Mickey, a newer member. So just what might anime be for those who are unacquainted with this phenomenon from Japan?

“Anime is like any other art medium from any other culture; it wouldn’t be fair to dismiss it entirely because you’ll find something you didn’t know you love. Art’s funny like that,” said Ely Reyes-Viruet, president of the Anime Club.

“I really like anime and manga in a sense that it delivers in many ways that American media does not. The humor is witty and eccentric,the characters are deep and engaging and there is something there for pretty much everyone,” said McGee.

“I’ve been part of the club the longest out of everyone else and no matter how many different variations the club has gone through, the one thing that remains constant is how energetic and diverse our members are. You don’t even have to like anime to love the club; you’ll just enjoy being around vibrant people,” said Reyes-Viruet.

“The anime club is a small, tight knit community of anime and cartoon enthusiasts on ESU campus. We usually discuss and talk about anime, engage in activities such as cosplay, video gaming, etc. A pretty typical group of nerds, but we are very welcoming to new members, and freshmen looking for friends!” concluded McGee.

These students responsible for the making of the Anime Club and Yushi-Con also have pretty good taste in their selection of anime too.

“I prefer comedy animes, so my favorites would be ‘Azumanga Daioh,’ ‘Hetalia,’ ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ and ‘Nichijou.’ Oh, and let’s throw in ‘Trigun’ for some street cred,” said Reyes-Viruet.

So hayaku all of you devoted lovers and novices alike of anime, manga, making new sociable friends and many things Japanese, to the annual Yushi-Con Festival.

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