CNBC’s Heated Republican Debate

By Richard MacTough

Staff Writer

CNBC hosted the most recent Republican debate for the 2016 presidential campaign on Oct. 28.

I was hoping there would be real solid answers to some questions asked by the moderators, but that was not the case.

Many felt their heads spinning as the candidates threw blows at Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama.

One of the weakest candidates of them all is Chris Christie. Christie, the Former Governor of New Jersey claimed, “Social security is going to be insolvent in seven or eight years.” has confirmed that starting in 2034, the program will no longer have enough revenue coming in to pay out 100 percent of promised benefits to retirees on social security.

The program will still be able to pay 79 percent of benefits that are promised.

Completely cutting it would be unfair to the American people. He also attacked Barack Obama on his ‘non-supportive’ actions towards police officers.

Christie believes the government has to protect those who serve to protect first. This position seems ironic coming from a man who cut more than half of his police force in Camden back in 2012.

Since this cut, Rolling Stone released an article stating that Camden has became the most dangerous city in all of The United States.

Not only does this affect the safety of community, but also the police officers, who are outnumbered by gangs and are terrified to walk out of their cars.

Donald Trump once again hid behind his ego and narcissistic gibberish.

In his closing statement, he bragged about his negotiation skills saying he convinced CNBC to reduce the time of the 2-hour debate.

It is highly unethical for a presidential candidate to complain about simply being somewhere.

When you have a job, you may be exhausted, but the working class keeps going in order to make a living.

Should we really elect a president who is concerned that things that petty?

Ted Cruz, in an interview following the debate, said he believes that global warming is a religion and not a science.

Mr. Cruz, it is science because it has the four canons to make it valid.

It is testable and has parsimony, rationalism and empiricism. Religion is not testable.

Global Warming is guaranteed to destroy over 400 U.S Cities according to NASA.

The Persian Gulf will be unlivable, causing the healthiest person to die from a massive heat wave.

It’s not a laughing matter. Science is what saves lives, not a thought of intuition from god.

In the Democratic debate, we heard actual solutions to problems like global warming, gun control and college debt.

In the media, however, many newspapers made several claims that Hillary Clinton won the debate.

Did they watch? Bernie Sanders swept the debate despite his weak strategy on guns.

Republicans whined about the questions being unfair, not having enough time to answer questions and CNBC’s perceived “liberal bias.”

These are the people who are looking to be leaders.

Note to the Republicans: citizens want to know what you are going to do for them, if you take initiative and whether or not your plans are realistic.

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