Dansbury Delivery

By Laura Jean Null

Contributing Writer

Dansbury Commons, located on Normal Street, serves buffet by day and fast foods by night.

The café has now introduced a Late-Nite Delivery service from 9:30-11:30 p.m. Dansbury requires a minimum purchase of $10 for the delivery service.

After dialing 570-422-3994, students can use their meal swipes to order what Late-Nite at Dansbury offers.

These meals include foods such as mac and cheese-bites, mozzarella sticks, waffle fries, chicken tenders, pizza and much more.

Although, the café does offer a small variety of healthy foods such as wraps and chicken salads, Dansbury may have taken things too far this time.

With Dansbury located on the busiest street on campus, it is a little ridiculous that delivery has started so early in the fall.

It is understandable having the delivery in a snowstorm because students do not want to leave the comfort of their dorms. It is also reasonable having Dansbury deliver to the Ridge Apartments, given how far off campus they are.

However, with the weather being pretty decent lately and no snow in the forecast, it should not be much of a challenge getting up to walk down the street to order and pick up food. Is it becoming too difficult for an adult college student to overcome the 2-minute walk to the café? Maybe the next step is the delivery of information from our college classes to the dorms.

Also, the food served late at night could be a little healthier.

Yes, greasy foods are ideal to most college students after a night of partying, but what message does East Stroudsburg send to their students when they don’t offer healthier foods?

To have a better mind, one must have a better and healthier diet. A buffalo chicken salad and chicken wraps should not be the only healthy food choices.

Other things such as fruit salads, soups, pasta salads and shish kabobs are healthier alternatives; one at least has a choice to decide from other than greasier foods.

Students pay more than $17,000 a year in tuition and sometimes get a little hungry at night. Offering a wider variety of healthy foods should not be a challenge, but an improvement.

ESU should also sell the healthy foods at the same price if not cheaper than the other foods. Fruits and vegetables come from the motherland, not a factory, so they should be cheaper.

Delivery might be a back and forth debate, whether or not it is good or bad for the university and its students.

Introducing healthier foods to the Late-Nite meal selection, however, would be a positive change for this school; showing they don’t just value their student’s health but their future and happiness as well.

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