Halloween Celebration at Dansbury Named a Success

Fountain of Candy Provided at Dansbury Commons Photo Credit / Alexandra Bender
Fountain of Candy Provided at Dansbury Commons Photo Credit / Alexandra Bender
Fountain of Candy Provided at Dansbury Commons Photo Credit / Alexandra Bender

By Alexandra Bender

Contributing Writer

Students who did not know about Dansbury Commons’ weekly themes may have been surprised when they walked in to have dinner on Thursday, Oct. 29.

Once a week a different theme is selected and Dansbury is decorated accordingly. Since Halloween was so near, the staff thought it would be a good idea to transform the cafeteria spooktacularly.

The first thing students noticed as they walked through the doors was likely the semi-darkness of the room, a trait uncharacteristic of the usually fluorescently lit cafeteria, and the loud, scary music that was filling the room.

A smoke machine near the other side of the room allowed the diners to experience a creepy mist while they ate.

In addition to the smoke machine, there was an open coffin, cauldrons filled with green fluff and cobwebs on which pipe-cleaner spiders resided.

Little did the students know, the work put into this particular occasion was completed in only a short amount of time.

“It’s amazing what Dansbury can do in a half hour!” enthused Glenn Williams, a sophomore business major, and one of the many staff members wearing a costume.

To further complete the theme, items offered on the menu were renamed.

For example, Brussel sprouts were affectionately listed as “moldy eyeballs,” carrots as “witch fingers,” and sliced apple cider ham as “carved flying pig.”

A special on the menu was “crispy bat wings,” otherwise known as chicken wings, and the main dessert item was “bugs in dirt pudding.”

The menus further stuck with the theme with titles such as “The Chef’s Fresh Kill” and “Butcher’s Block.”

One of the individuals who helped prepare the celebration was Nicole, a supervisor at Dansbury.

“I just think it’s really fun,” said Nicole. “It has good vibes and it’s a good time.”

A major attraction in the room was a table on which a fountain of candy was displayed.

This display, along with the shelves of spooky desserts serving as its backdrop, was the clear centerpiece for the evening.

The students appeared to thoroughly enjoy their dinner in the playfully haunting room. It was a welcome change of scenery.

“I think it’s great that they’re being festive. It makes me happy and gets me in the Halloween spirit,” said Lizz Lewis, a junior business major.

The staff enjoyed the experience as much as the students, but in different ways.

“It’s always fun to do something like this for the kids. They always seem to enjoy it,” explained Susan, a cashier at Dansbury.

The Employee Pumpkin Carving Contest was displayed in the back corner of the room.  Students were invited to vote for which pumpkin they liked best and the winner will be announced soon.

Dansbury’s theme for tonight is “Street Food,” and next Thursday the theme will be “Southeast Asia.”

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