Big Changes Ahead for Community Theater

By Erin McGuire

Staff Writer

On Nov. 6, the Pocono Community Theater announced some immense changes that will be coming soon.

The biggest change is that local theater will now be called the Pocono Cinema and Cultural Center (PCCC).

The most important thing to the members of the board, and the reason for the change of name, was to prove that this is “much more than just a theater.”

Thanks to two grants that the organization received, they will be changing a lot more than just the name. Come March/April, they will have a completely renovated movie theater.

According to the press release, “the theater will get new flooring, seating, and wall treatments. We will add a soundboard for live performances. When it is completed, theater 1 will be state of the art and rival any Cineplex.”

This building holds many different functions, though. They show new films, like “Specter.”

They have “Revival Nights,” which are usually held every Sunday. On these nights, older films are shown on the big screen once again. The most recent revivals are “Mrs. Doubtfire,” and “Batman” (1989).

In addition to their movies, PCCC hosts live entertainment, including concerts, open mic nights, comedians and hypnotists.

Board members agreed that their main frustration comes when they have events geared toward schools and students never show up.

PCCC hopes to develop a better connection with ESU’s student body.

For all those who did not know, PCCC offers discounts to all ESU students. Events like hypnotists are $10, comedy shows are $5 and open mic nights are also $5.

If you are a fan of Downton Abbey, they will even be showing the premiere episode on the big screen before it even airs on television for free.

The PCCC holds a lot of opportunities for ESU students.

They have acting classes, students are able to rent out theaters at a low cost and they have private showings where “if you can get it on DVD [they] can show it.”

Because this is a non-profit organization, they also run on all volunteer work. So, if you are a student looking for something to do, or you want to help out a community organization they would gladly take the help.

As a building that has been around for about 120 years, the members of the board want to show people how amazing this place truly is.

Next time you’re downtown and you pass by the Pocono Cinema and Cultural Center, go on in and give it a chance!

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