CAB: Students Serve Students

By Jodie Grier

Staff Writer

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) provides many exciting activities and events for the ESU community.

“We are here for you!” states Savannah Doyle, president of CAB. “All that we do is for the students of ESU, and we love being here to serve the ESU community.”

From the first week back on campus in the fall to ESU’s spring concert, CAB hosts various events for students to get involved and have fun.

Whether it is a social gathering, a live musician, discounted tickets, a special trip or a big annual event, CAB keeps students entertained.

The five committees of CAB allow members to focus on whatever aspect of planning that they find the most appealing.

Concerts, Out & About, Special Events, Cinema and Coffeehouse all work to provide students with entertaining activities and events throughout the semester.

“CAB is a student-run organization that strives to provide quality programs for students in many different facets,” explains Doyle.

By providing various events for students to plan, attend and take part in, CAB allows students to feel a sense of community on campus, as well as learn some real-world skills.

“CAB serves to teach students the importance of developing leadership skills, time management, teamwork, delegation, ingenuity and innovative thinking, and the importance of responsibility,” Doyle says.

The movies on Channel 12, day trips to New York City and Philadelphia, drive-in movies on the quad, novelty items for events and the various musicians and comedians that visit, as well as many other events, are all planned and executed by CAB.

Open meetings for CAB are held every other Tuesday at 2 p.m. in Stroud Hall room 212.

At these meetings, members of the board present ideas for future events to executives.

The open meetings also cover feedback and discussions focused on previous events.

CAB’s next meeting will be held on Dec. 1. This will also be their last meeting of the semester.

“Even if you’re not a part of CAB, you can still participate in our surveys for selecting artists, giving feedback on events and providing ideas for what you’d like to see next!” Doyle says.

Voting for the spring semester concert opened up online earlier this week. Visit CAB’s Facebook page to cast your vote for who you would like to see.

The potential performers include Rae Sremmurd, Panic! At the Disco, Travis Scott, Logic and Migos. Additionally, there is an “other” box available for anyone to request other artists.

The executives of CAB, a group of extremely dedicated students, have closed meetings as well, where proposals and policies are discussed.

According to Doyle, CAB students are very involved in other aspects of the ESU community as well.

“Our students are some of the most involved… on campus, with many of our executive board members holding leadership positions in other organizations and involving themselves in the advisory boards and the like,” explains Doyle.

Students looking to get involved in CAB can attend the open meetings, as well as join any particular committee that interests them.

The CAB WarriorLink page and Facebook (ESU Cab) are valuable tools to keep in touch if a student cannot attend a meeting, or if there is a change in location for that day’s meeting.

Doyle insists that students looking to get involved should feel free to friend or message the CAB Facebook page.

CAB also welcomes students to  stop by or call the CAB office, located in room 214 of the University Center.

With fall of 2015 coming to a swift end, students should expect a secret surprise from CAB during finals week.

Campus Activities Board Office: 570-422-3396

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A Note From the Editor-in-Chief:

“You Had Me At Boo,” published Sept. 24, and “Ever Feel Like You’re Not Alone?,” published Oct. 29 both failed to mention the hard work and time CAB put in to hosting the two events.

In the first, CAB was responsible for securing Dorney Park Haunt tickets for students, and in the second, CAB organized and hosted the annual event which brought Dawn Til Dusk Paranormal Investigators to campus for a spooky Halloween event.