Latest Town Hall Meeting Launches First Live Tweets

By Louie Wein

Staff Writer

The Student Senate held a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday Oct. 28 at 6:00 p.m. in Beers Lecture Hall.

The meeting was more heavily attended than the last, and even featured student participation through social media.

This month’s meeting focused on Academic Affairs.

Provost Dr. Joanne Zakartha Bruno, Assistant Provost Thomas Tauer and many deans of the colleges were the special guest speakers.

The speakers  were there to answer any questions ranging from academic advisors to course requirements.

While the meeting was well attended, many students who could not make it took to Twitter to ask their questions.

“We allowed students to tweet in their suggestions even though they weren’t physically in attendance by tag @ESU_Senate and hastaging #ESUTownHall,”  explained  Daniel Watson, the Student Affairs Chair for Student Senate.

Kelsey Bruzgo, Public Relations Chairwomen of Student Senate, was there to answer any questions students had about the meeting.

“We are working on increasing activity,” Bruzgo said. “Last semester we had a lot of interaction during town halls.”

Questions asked through Twitter were read aloud and given the chance to be answered.

“Is it possible to start advisor evaluation forms at the end of each semester? Similar to the professor evaluation forms,” one student asked via Twitter.

After asking Provost Bruno, Student Senate was able to tweet the student his response, “Evaluation under faculty contracts are unfortunately voluntary, so advisors must agree to be evaluated.”

Also discussed via Twitter was the availability of classes. A student voiced their concern about not being able to get into a class needed when they were supposed to, including that their advisor told them they couldn’t help them.

Dr. Weber addressed the Town Hall stating that if students find themselves in a complicated situation, they should come see him in Rosenkrans, room 107, and he will be able to help.

Students  expressed  their thanks to Student Senate for arranging the live question and answer session. The Student Senate realizes the importance of reaching out to students in every way possible.

“It was great that we were able to reach students that were not fortunate enough to attend the Town Hall,” added Watson.

Watson was happy that the dean and provost could talk to students who couldn’t be there.

“There was not one question that went unanswered! There were big names on that panel! The students stayed engaged. If there was a moment were the student in attendance did not have a question … , our questions through our social media filled  that  void,”  Watson  exclaimed.

Student Senate continued engaging in live tweeting at their most recent Town Hall meeting yesterday.

Yesterday also marked the last Town Hall of the semester, but they will return next semester with the addition of Twitter participation.

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