Summer and Winter: Good Times to Learn?

By Crystal Smith
Staff Writer

During the winter and summer months, ESU provides the option for students to take general education courses to work towards completion of their GE requirements.

Students are only allowed to take up to six credits during either session and unfortunately financial aid is not available.

These classes are considered fast-paced and jam-packed with the information needed to satisfy the credits, and are also only online, so they can be a bit overwhelming.

“I was able to meet my graduation requirements considering I needed to take seven classes in order to graduate this upcoming December. I was able to take one of the seven and take six classes this semester,” said Erika Pokrivsak, a senior English major.

My first time graduating from college, I was able to graduate early because I took two summer classes in the time I attended.

I received my Associate’s Degree fairly quickly with the help of these accelerated courses.

I also had to pay out of pocket for the course, which burned a bit of a hole, but in turn I did think it was a wise choice considering I wanted to be in the job market faster.

Winter and summer courses are also there to help graduate students as well earn credits towards their degree.

Summer courses offer a 12, 8, or 4-week session. These sessions are either early summer, late summer, or the full summer term.

The registration is also for current students, new fall students and even non-ESU students can apply and take these courses.

The courses include general education requirements for students to get a jump start or even graduate early.

Taking advantage of these classes is a smart move if you wish to get ahead of the normal course loads of the fall and spring semesters.

“The winter and summer classes are a good idea to either give you a push or just speed things up. I took winter classes at my community college a while back. Even though the workload was heavier and at a quicker pace, I am happy that I took those classes. I got to ESU quicker than expected,” said Amy Lukac, a senior English major.

An extensive list and dates for the sessions can be found on ESU’s website which includes an easy step-by-step guide to register.

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