Fa-La-La, It’s Just a Cup

Starbuck's "Red Cup" for the holidays. Photo Credit / Erika Hart Starbuck's "Red Cup" for the holidays. Photo Credit / Erika Hart
Starbuck's "Red Cup" for the holidays. Photo Credit / Erika Hart
Starbuck’s “Red Cup” for the holidays.
Photo Credit / Erika Hart

By Amy Lukac
Opinion Editor

The holidays are right around the corner. We’re reminded of that every day with TV commercials, ads on social media, tinsel-covered stores and the decorative cups from various coffee shops.

However, the decorative coffee cups (or lack there of) are putting a damper on our holiday spirit.

Every year, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks release their famous and anticipated holiday cups in the month of November.

This year, Dunkin Donuts stuck with their famous logo on the front, but with the colors red and green, and the back includes the word “Joy ” in red, surrounded by green pine leaves.

Starbucks went with a simple two-toned red ombré design, and many people are upset.  Pitchforks and torches were raised and ready to stampede into Starbucks shops everywhere. So, why is everyone so mad?

Apparently, Catholics, Christians and many caffeine-lovers are upset because the new cup design doesn’t include designs that remind us all of Christmas.

Many have claimd that Starbucks wanted to take “Christ” out of Christmas because the Starbucks Company “hates Jesus.”

When I first saw this uproar I thought it was a joke.  Are people really wasting their energy on paper cups that end up in the garbage when they’re empty?

Number one, it’s a cup. Number two, if these people are “all about the holidays,” why are they putting a giant damper on the season? It’s almost as if the holiday-inspired coffee flavors taste terrible in these specific cups.

Number three, if the cup had “Merry Christmas” on it, or anything close to that, people that celebrate other holidays would be unhappy.

Unfortunately, we live in a sensitive world. Everyone gets offended over the littlest things these days.

Some events and comments are understood, but when people are becoming legitimately upset over a PAPER CUP, the world is headed in a ridiculous direction.

It seems the majority of people getting upset are Catholics, Christians and super religious people.

I won’t get into the religion topic, seeing as I’m very far from it myself, but when these people are claiming that the people of Starbucks hate Jesus, you’ve gone too far.

I don’t mean to be blunt, but would they rather have a warm red color, or a picture of Jesus nailed to a cross? What a satisfying cup of coffee that would be.

Others that are in the same boat as me, have made the hashtag, #ItsJustACup trend.  “Children are starving, there’re more to worry about. #ItsJustACup,” declared one such tweet.

“Thoughts on this. For me, as a Christian, I know what the true meaning of Christmas is. It doesn’t matter if it is or is not written on a cup. What matters is what I know to be true and what I believe in my heart. #ItsJustACup,” stated another.

My point is, the holidays are all about happiness, family, love and whatever religion you practice.

Why don’t we carry on with our personal traditions and enjoy the season leading up to the big holidays that are coming?

As for me, I’ll enjoy my season by watching Christmas movies with a Grandé coffee in a warm, two-toned, red cup.

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