Blood Drive Yields More Than Expected

By Sarah Kinsey
News Editor

On Nov. 23, Kappa Delta Ro (KDR) and Theta Chi teamed up with the American Red Cross Association for a blood drive.

This year’s donation was held in lower Dansbury between 12-4:30 p.m.

In past donations, KDR and Theta Chi have consistently exceeded the requested amount of pints from Red Cross. Last year alone, they had 11 pints more than was asked from them.

This year, they expected 120 pints to be donated.

“[Blood donations] are a great way to save lives, help the community and get students involved,” said Theta Chi’s James Toshich.

Appointments were made, and pushed off. The donation register could not allow some people to donate because the time was running out. But this gave Theta Chi and KDR a sense of relief.

“We’ve worked side by side with the Red Cross for two years now. We support the Red Cross as if they were brothers. As students, we love to help the community and those in need in any way we can,” said Theta Chi’s philanthropy chair Joseph Gordon.

Many students, professors and those in the community came out to donate. Many of the donations were given by first timers like sophomore, Madison Barcola.

“I’m nervous because it’s my first time, but I know that it’s for a greater cause. When the school can get students involved in such an easy way, I don’t see why I shouldn’t do my part.”

Theta Chi’s philanthropy doesn’t stop here though. The blood drive signified the last event they will host this semester, but they have big plans for the rest of the school year.

Theta Chi has hosted street clean ups this semester and plan to work with Active Minds next semester.

“Next semester we plan on doing more blood drives, having events on the main quad to support USO [United Services Organization], and at the end of next semester we plan on having a giant fundraiser/charity event to support us, other fraternities and multiple foundations,” Gordon said.

Donating blood is an easy and great way to help a community.

According to its website, the Red Cross annually collects approximately 5.6 million donations, supplies around 40 percent of blood donations, has a network of about 3.3 million volunteers and has about 2,700 facilities open internationally.

This past year alone, the Red Cross supplied blood for approximately eight million transfusion.
“To be able to help save lives in such an easy way is incredibly rewarding and just about anyone can do it,” Barcola stated after her donation.

Barcola’s mother underwent surgery last year. “She needs a good amount of blood transfused into her,” she explained. “So it feels good to know that my contribution will be going to someone who needs it; a mother, father, daughter, son, whoever.”

Stroudsburg’s Red Cross is located on 410 Park Ave. and is open on the weekdays 8:30-4:30.

Contact them by phone at 570-476-8300 to make an appointment and donate to help a worthy cause and support millions of individuals internationally who are in need.

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