Thoughts Throughout the Holiday Season

By Erika Pokrivsak
Staff Writer

We all know the stress of the holiday season, lack of shopping funds, the relatives who ask too many questions that we don’t have the answers to: “How is school? When do you graduate? What are you going to do after graduation?” .

This season, rest assured, your family is not the only one with a crazy uncle who finishes all the pie and a random relative who shows up every year whose name you can never remember.

Whether you are scraping money from between the seats of your car to go Black Friday shopping or judging the friends who spend every night of break out at the bar (or maybe you are the friend at the bar?), you’ll likely get a kick out of this list that represents the holidays for college kids at ESU and West Chester University (WCU).

1. “Going back to classes after Thanksgiving means all of your classes will be talking about the dreadful finals week looming just around the corner: ‘Is that going to be on the final? Is the final cumulative? What did we even learn in this class?’”
–Ashley, ESU Junior

2. “My thoughts on Black Friday were ‘I never have money to buy Christmas presents so I’ll just go Black Friday shopping and put it all on my credit card and figure it out later.’ It was so fun to spend money that I didn’t have but now I might have to work three jobs to pay it off. Worst comes to worst, I might have to cry to my parents to help me out of my debt hole.”
–Kelly, ESU Senior

3. “All my friends get to have a Christmas tree, and I have a Hanukkah bush. Being Jewish rocks.”
–Steph, WCU Senior

4. “I hope my relatives behave.”
–Samantha, ESU Graduate

5. “The tree won’t be the only thing getting lit this year.”
–Brittney, WCU Junior

6. “I usually pre-plan escape routes for awkward conversations at family gatherings.”
–Justin, 26 (Nazareth)

7. “I hope the dogs don’t knock our Christmas tree over. They think the ornaments are toys.”
–Jessica, ESU Graduate

8. “I’m not looking forward to being so broke and being forced to look at all the things I want but can’t afford.”
–Stephon, ESU Senior

9. “I perpetually think about how broke I am and wonder if it’s appropriate for a 22 year old to make macaroni art projects for people as gifts.”
–Jodie, ESU junior

10. “Man, my friends are alcoholics. They drink because it’s Christmas Eve, because it’s Christmas day, because it’s the day after Christmas, it’s almost New Year’s…”
–Crystal, ESU senior

11. “The mixer that I want is $400, but if I go out at 3am on Black Friday, use this coupon, use my charge card, fight the chaos, fight with someone over the last one, and send in a mail-in rebate, its only $350. I definitely bake enough for that.”
–Maranda, 21 (Nazareth)

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