Feel the Bern

By Richard MacTough
Staff Writer

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders continues to face criticism.

His current standing is right behind Hillary Clinton, and he has gone ahead of her many times in the past.

The Washington Post attacks Sanders’ plans to be more similar to “fiction” than reality.

Sanders may not be endorsed by businesses, or the establishment, but he is endorsed by the people.

Bernie is more electable than Clinton when it comes to the general election.

Democrats are more likely to vote for a Republican if Hillary gets the nomination in her party. The American people simply don’t like the Clinton machine.

Sanders proposed to make college and health care free and accessible for every American.

It’s a more progressive plan than Clinton’s. She wants students to be required to have a 10-hour work study.

I am in this particular program now, however, students who do not really need it can get ahead of you.

As an ESU student, I think a lot of the college community can agree it is difficult to find employment on campus.

Hillary also wants student’s families to pay a reasonable contribution towards their child’s tuition. I have heard that idea before.

I can tell you that for a single mother who makes less than $15,000 a year, asking her to cough up $2,000 for just one student is unreasonable.

The top 170 economists of the country endorse Sanders Wall Street reform regulations as the root to pay for healthcare and college according to an article on Inquisitr.com.

He would save Americans thousands of dollars in health insurance payments among the first, middle and lower class.

College would be free for everyone, not just lower income families.

This plan would take away the conservative viewpoint of “I have to pay my child’s tuition, why can’t they.”

We are the richest country in the world, but we are the only country that doesn’t give free tuition.

This plan is an investment into our economy by creating higher paying jobs. Americans have the right to fall out of the poverty line.

Health Care is considered a privilege and guns a right in this country. Canada has free health care, resulting in a higher share of Canadians receiving help when they need it, compared to The United States.

After the Affordable Care act, 26 million Americans are still without insurance according to an article in the New York Times.

I see Veterans who served this country going without mental health treatment and ending up homeless and on the streets.

According to stopsoldiersuicide.org, an average of 22 veterans die a day from suicide, and we celebrate Military holidays rather than actually showing that we truly appreciate them.

Sanders wants to take away our involvement in war when it is not necessary.

Even if we have a good treatment system by then, it will still not stop veterans from going through terrible cases of PTSD, and survivor’s guilt in this country.

Hillary was against Gay Marriage, voted for the war after 9/11, and is bought by Wall Street who helped destroy our economy.

She does not represent the American People, care about our country and appears to be just a career politician.

Bernie Sanders is the president we deserve. Get out and vote when the time comes.

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