Political PoemThe American Vote

By Laura Jean Null
Staff Writer

In the United States,
It is a democracy for picking candidates.

For the Constitution has given its citizens the right to vote,
“We the people…” is the major quote.

Many different parties, but two stand above,
It is the donkeys vs. elephants, which are you part of?

In the primary and main one must choose a side,
True to a specific party, he or she abides.

However, before you vote you should know,
Some candidates don’t care about your needs, just the show.
Some want to help, some want the power,
Some will try to succeed, some will cower.
Some do it for the glory, some do it for the fame,
Some will look at the past and give it the blame.

It is important for voters to think,
We are the beholder of picking a leader that could make our nation sink.

The propaganda helps swing the view,
Many Americans do not know the facts about the runners, what’s new?

You know the names, but not the characteristics,
What you read on the media is not always a statistic.

Knowledge is the key to this nation’s best,
A leader the people will constantly test.

Controversial topics will go on and on,
Hopefully a candidate that cares for the people isn’t truly gone.

Now it is the presidential election of 2016,
Nothing has got this much attention since Charlie Sheen.

To start with the conservative look,
Ideas still kept from ancient books.

Taxes shouldn’t be increased for anyone,
The rich can own 1% wealth than the bottom 90 of U.S., oh what fun!

Military spending is a must for increase,
The strongest force in the world will not decrease.

Abortion and birth control is certainly no consideration,
A woman’s rights to her body is the government’s determination.

Immigration has come closer to being bailed,
Even though most American ancestors aren’t native and had sailed.

Gay marriage is now legalized, yet some still disagree,
It is the 21th century and there is still no WE.

On the republican side they are runners such as Christie, Carson, Bush and Cruz,
Push them aside for the candidate that won’t make you snooze.

You’ve seen him, the one with the load,
Oh America, we have a problem, a Trump in the road.

Drive past and steer clear,
Gods be with are freedom of belief and hope a solution is near.

Oh, but we mustn’t forget the democrats too,
And their liberal ideas of changing and new.

Mostly the opposite of the party that get the most air time,
Because equal opportunity for some coverage is a capitalistic crime?

There is O’Malley, Clinton and Sanders,
More of the candidates the world likes to slander.

Ideas differ from their opponents to the extreme,
A leadership approach to an affordable American dream.

Determining, deciding and voting is all an American choice,
Not many countries have this opportunity to cast their voice.

Pick who you want or pick who you think is right,
Pick a leader you want that will put up a fight.

Or don’t vote for someone that affects all your life elements,
But it you don’t, your complaint cannot fully be relevant.

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