Professor Arrested for Drug Trafficking

The preliminary hearing is today. Photo Courtesy / Nazareth PD The preliminary hearing is today. Photo Courtesy / Nazareth PD
The preliminary hearing is today. Photo Courtesy / Nazareth PD
The preliminary hearing is today.
Photo Courtesy / Nazareth PD

By Alexandra Bender
Staff Writer

“I want to save the world,” says Tara Bealer’s summary on her LinkedIn profile; but typically, you cannot save the world if you are, as is alleged in county documents, selling heroin illegally from your home.

According to the profile, Tara Bealer, age 41, has been an adjunct sociology professor for nearly ten years, teaching at local institutions such as East Stroudsburg University and Northampton Community College.

She was an active member of her community and an addiction counselor and therapist.

In a report made to WFMZ News, Commissioner Randall Miller of the Nazareth Borough Police Department explained that an overdose occurred at Bealer’s residence on Nov. 21. “Heroin packaging” was also found at the scene.

An investigation began in January after an informant told police that Bealer was allegedly “selling 50 bags of heroin a day from her home,” according to the report.

A court summary, in the Pennsylvania Courts’ public records lists 84 drug charges, four of which say “Manufacture, Delivery, or Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver,” six that are drug possession charges, 71 counts of “Use/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia,” two counts of “Possession of Marijuana,” and lastly, one charge of “Endangering Welfare of Children.”

The Northampton Defense Attorney’s Office also confirmed these charges.

In addition to this case, according to the public records, Bealer was previously arrested for a DUI in July 2009.

Magisterial District Court 03-2-08 is overseeing Bealer’s current case before it reaches the county, with District Magistrate John Capobianco presiding.

Many students at ESU took Bealer’s introduction to sociology and marriage and family classes.

A spokesperson for ESU declined to comment on the case, but confirmed that “Tara Bealer was previously a temporary employee at ESU, and she was not employed during this academic school year.”

Northampton Community College was contacted for a statement, but no response has been made at this time.

“Hearing your professor was arrested for any reason is initially shocking, but to say I’m surprised isn’t quite true,” said Skylar Walter, who took a class of Bealer’s at Northampton Community College in 2014.

“Bealer was not a favorite among students. When she did show up to class, she would always keep us late, and she had a habit of arguing with students every time they expressed their thoughts on a topic… But that aside, what upsets me most is that she had the power to positively influence students and encourage us to succeed, but chose instead to abuse her power in extremely negative ways.”

After her preliminary arraignment on Jan. 21, Bealer posted bail at $50,000. The next action of her process is a preliminary hearing to take place today.

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